The first grade Patriots from Hawthorne Elementary School will be sponsoring Operation Gratitude at the Veterans Park on Friday from 8:30 to 11:30 a.m.  This is a collection drive for items that are placed in care packages then sent to troops across the world.

The Operation Gratitude project has sponsored over 100,000 care packages to deployed troops and new recruits each year.  These first grade children will be working through this organization to take the items collected on Friday at the park.  Items being sought are: commercially packaged food snacks such as sunflower seeds, trail mix, ramen noodles, hot cereals, dry drink packs, energy bars or granola bars.  Electronic items include DVDs or CDs, flash drives and travel sized mini battery operated fans. Personal items would be knit hats, winter scarves, socks (not white), hand and foot warmers, blank greeting cards, lip balm, roll-ons, shaving cream, dental kits, sports bottles under 11inches, emery boards and clippers.  Remember every item must be new to meet the mailing criteria.

This event will be overseen by Diana Carr Isom, should there be further questions.