11The National Honor Society held its annual induction on April 30 and inducted five sophomores as new members. Congratulations go to Alfonso Castillo-Trujillo, Taylor McFalls, Tiera McFalls, Jayci Norman and Alyssa Richmond.

In order to be considered for membership in National Honor Society, each potential member must have a minimum grade point average of 3.25 at the end of his or her sophomore year and submit an application for membership, identifying leadership and service experience.  A five member faculty review committee then evaluates the applications and nominates the candidates.  During the induction ceremony the new members are introduced to the four pillars of the organization:  character, leadership, service and scholarship.

Superintendent Walt Hackford the guest speaker reminded these young students that it is indeed an honor to be a member of the National Honor Society since nationally less than five percent of students are accepted into its ranks.  A short reception for the newly inducted members followed the ceremony.