More employees received layoff notices on Thursday, Dec. 30 when Borealis Mining Company, LLC once again met with employees on the mine site near Hawthorne to deliver the news, just days before the New Year.

This is not the first layoff for the mining operation which did a previous layoff in May where 18 employees also lost their jobs.

In May, Richard Wells, Manager of Borealis Holdings LLC cited economic conditions due the falling price of gold as one of the reasons for the closure of the operation.

There was no comment given as to the reduction of force for the Dec. 30 layoff and the exact number of employees still currently employed at the facility is unknown.

Borealis Mining Company LLC operates the Borealis Mine which is an open-pit heap leach mining operation for gold and silver in the Walker Lane Mineral Belt. The mine is located 16 miles from Hawthorne.