Steven McBride, formerly of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is Sheriff Stewart Handte’s selection for undersheriff of Mineral County. McBride has two

Steven McBride

Steven McBride, formerly of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is Sheriff Stewart Handte’s selection for undersheriff of Mineral County. McBride has two grown children: Steven McBride Jr., 32, and Alicia McBride, 27. McBride noted his daughter just completed her first visit to Hawthorne and loved the area.

McBride has a long history in law enforcement. “I got into law enforcement in 1982. I worked for a couple of part-time agencies getting my feet wet and then landed a full-time job that lasted almost 24 years with Plymouth Township, a part of metropolitan Philadelphia,” Mc Bride said.

Among other duties, McBride did stints as a patrol officer, K-9 officer and 12 years as a negotiator for SRT, a sort of SWAT team on the police department. One of his proudest accomplishments was his selection as part of the presidential motorcade detail over 30 different times. He spent his last three years in community relations before vesting his retirement and moving west in 2006.

“I went to Las Vegas, working for The Oasis, an RV resort. It’s a 5 star resort where a lot of celebrities stay. I did that for a while before I got offered a safety director job with W and W. Steel at the Fontainebleau Casino,” McBride said.

McBride’s wife at the time, a Hawthorne native, got the chance to take over a Hawthorne business and the couple moved. McBride obtained employment at Securing Our Country as security supervisor. He later switched to the safety department.

McBride said he is also SOC’s ethics officer. “I do a lot of traveling around the country to do ethics investigations and audits at the corporate level,” McBride said.

Unhappy with the direction he saw Mineral County law enforcement heading, McBride decided to get involved. McBride found himself in the running for the sheriff position after Mike Dillard resigned, but county commissioners selected Stewart Handte.  “We got to know each other and on the overwhelming majority of issues he and I are on the same page,” McBride said.

Handte approached McBride about the undersheriff position after Patty Thyne retired. “I’m a big supporter and believer of how he’s handling things. His vision is very similar to my vision,” McBride said.

McBride intends to resign his SOC position to pursue the undersheriff role. He is currently working out a safety net with SOC to ensure his position with the company in the event Handte’s election bid fails. McBride will work as a consultant for the company when he is confirmed July 2.

Despite his long career in law enforcement, McBride is scheduled to attend Post, or the Nevada police academy within a year of his appointment. “It’s going to be a long three months,” McBride said.

One of McBride’s priorities on taking office is working on the county’s drug problem including abuse of subscription drugs. “We need to get more involved with that. It may need some special training for deputies, and I know Natalie (Hults) does a great job with the drug dog. I’m not looking to reinvent the wheel, but I think the wheel needs new tread,” McBride concluded;.