Jonathan Carrington Donner was arrested in Mineral County July 14.

Jonathan Carrington Donner was arrested in Mineral County July 14.

A man out on bail in Mineral County was charged with causing a fiery fatal bus crash in Las Vegas in September.

Jonathan Carrington Donner was arrested on July 14, when deputies made a traffic stop on a silver Hyundai. A search of the vehicle revealed approximately 7.1 pounds of marijuana and 48 Acetaminophen Hydrocodone pills and approximately $13,000 in cash.

Out on $54,500 bail from Mineral County, Donner who is facing felony drug and marijuana possession and transport charges and two misdemeanor charges, including driving under the influence, ran a red light at an intersection of South Main Street and Charleston Boulevard in Las Vegas on Sept. 5 at approximately 7 a.m.

Donner’s BMW hit a minibus, causing it to overturn. Both the minibus and the BMW caught fire.

A second car was hit by the BMW but did not catch fire.

Three occupants within the minibus were able to escape the flames. Two were not. Pronounced dead at the scene were tour driver Jose Francisco Consenza and German tourist Rolf Kloeppel. The Clark County coroner found that both had died as a result of burn injuries. Their deaths were ruled accidental.

The driver of the second car was not injured, but three occupants on the bus were badly injured. They are identified as: Kloeppel’s wife, Stefanie Kloeppel and Brian Zerbee and Sara Zerbee, a couple from Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Donner suffered moderate injuries and was charged with two counts of DUI resulting in death and three counts of DUI resulting in substantial bodily harm. Charges were later upgraded on Donner for having cocaine residue and hydrocodone in his system. He was also 2.5 times the legal limit of alcohol, when he hit the minibus and car.

Donner was hospitalized for his injuries and later transferred to the Clark County jail where he is being held on $1 million bail. He could face up to 100 years in prison if convicted of the Las Vegas charges.

In a press release from the Mineral County Sheriff’s Office shortly after Donner was arrested, it stated that Donner was arrested with Nubian Franklin. Franklin was booked for transport of controlled substance and possession of a controlled substance for sale. He was also release on $25,000 bail.

The Independent-News contacted Mineral County District Attorney Sean Rowe for comment on Donner’s pending actions on his July 14 arrest. At press time, no response had been received. It is unknown if criminal charges have been filed against the two.