The Walker Basin Conservancy announced that their Rafter 7 Ranch now has portions of their property open for public access. The ranch’s primary purchase was to transfer most of the ranch’s water rights instream to Walker Lake.

The property, located near Yerington, is privately owned by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, was purchased in 2013 as part of the Walker River Basin Restoration Program.

“The opening of a portion of the Rafter 7 Ranch for public use presents a very unique opportunity for people to enjoy up to 11 miles of the East Walker River that has not previously been available to the general public,” said Elmer Bull, WBC Executive Director. “In today’s world, where public has been increasingly limited on many properties, the Rafter 7 opening represents a welcome reversal of that trend and demonstrates the program’s ongoing commitment to the community. We hope the public takes advantage of the opportunity to enjoy one of the most well-preserved stretches of riverine habitat within the Walker Basin.”

Portions of the property will remain restricted from public access as it is still active with cattle grazing and revegetation efforts.

Visitors are asked to visit the Conservancy office located at 1 Highway 95 A East in Yerington to view maps for access, visitation rules and additional information about the ranch.