After months of speculation, a civil lawsuit has been filed in the case of missing votes in Mineral County in the 2014 general election.

New Mineral County Clerk Chris Nepper, who lost the November election but was appointed to the position by County Commissioners two weeks ago after Lorraine Haight stepped down, had the suit filed on his behalf by Reno attorney Ken McKenna last week in Carson District Court.

The lawsuit alleges voter fraud, and claims that the defendants knowingly covered up the mistake that lost him the election after 178 early votes were not counted in one precinct. Nepper lost his race to Haight by 88 votes.

The state of Nevada, the Secretary of State’s Office and Dominion Voting Systems were named in the suit, that goes on to claim that when the error was discovered, former clerk Cherrie George was directed by the Secretary of State’s office to fix the voter turnout numbers to match the amount of votes counted.

“They got certified as the voting results when everybody knew they were falsified,” McKenna said to KOLO 8 News in Reno. “That’s voter fraud.”

McKenna added, “Was that for their own self-interest to assure the public? Was that on the benefit of the company so they don’t lose their contract? Why would you intentionally certify records that you know are the results of a malfunctioning machine?

Mineral County District Attorney Sean Rowe, with the assistance of The Secretary of State’s Office conducted an investigation into the missing votes earlier this year, and announced the results at a county commission last month. It was concluded that there were no signs of tampering or fraud with the voting machines, and the process as to which the votes were counted, Mineral County voter staff or to the rolls or cartridges themselves.

Two other races could have been affected by the uncounted votes. New Mineral County Sheriff Randy Adams defeated Stewart Handte by 75 votes and county assessor Dorothy Fowler defeated Kevin Chism by just 14 votes.

A total of 1,426 people voted in Mineral County in the 2014 election.