Curtis Schlepp, Mineral County Juvenile Probation Chief Officer, met with the commissioners and newly appointed 11th District Court Judge Jim Shirley to discuss the transfer of juvenile probation of Mineral County to the 11th District, on June 17.

Schlepp gave an oversight of the building how it is a multi-function building, utilized not only by Juvenile Probation but also YCAC.

Shirley stated that in Pershing and Lander Counties, the utilities and building are maintained by the county themselves.

Christine Hoferer, Mineral County Recorder-Auditor, explained that with the new budget cycle beginning on July 1, Schlepp is going line by line to see what expense is covered by Mineral County and which would be covered by the 11th District.

Hoferer gave a history of how the juvenile department, along with the employees were handled under the 5th District Court system prior to the newly formed 11th District Court. She stated that before, the employees were paid under Mineral County with Esmeralda and Nye counties.

“With the budget already done, we need to figure out how to get Pershing their money,” Hoferer said.

“So what Mineral was for the 5th, Pershing will be for the 11th,” Commissioner Jerrie Tipton clarified.

Tipton questioned, “Instead of being Mineral County employees, they will be Pershing County employees?”

“Yes,” Hoferer answered.

Schlepp brought a concern to the table with the amount of annual and sick leave accumulated as a Mineral County employee.

A request for Mineral County to buy out all but 500 sick hours for Schlepp before July 1 and then transferring the balance of 500 hours to Pershing County to allow Schlepp hours available with the new district.

It was clarified that Schlepp and Kelly Lawrence will both be 11th District employees. Not any county employee.

Shirley explained that as for this current budget, any monies budgeted from Pershing, Lander or Mineral Counties will be transferred to the 11th District.

Schlepp said that there is money funded to hire either a school resource officer for Mineral County or to hire another juvenile probation officer for when he retires.

Richard Wagner, former judge for Pershing County, addressed the county commissioners on the separation of powers; new services to the community and how Mineral County is at a historical moment with the newly formed 11th District.

Wagner spoke of programs implemented with trained police officers getting some social work whereas they can possibly keep a juvenile out of jail at an early age.

“I feel that you can get more for your money, than you have in the past,” Wagner said.

“Instead of just being a policeman for children, we need to get over that. Now we need to deal with lifestyle changes,” He told the commissioners.

“I want them [juvenile probation officers] to feel that they are making a difference in a child’s life,” Shirley would tell the commissioners while detailing his organizational plan for the 11th District.

The 11th District began on July 1.