7Submitted by Virginia Dumas

Four ‘Ready for Hillary’ campaign workers on the “Every Nevadan” tour of our state, stopped in Hawthorne, Friday, July 24. Their mission was to evoke voter’s needs, issues and concerns.

Group members consisted of Michelle White (Political Director, Hillary for Nevada); Emmy Ruiz (State Director, Hillary for Nevada); Han Nguyen (Digital Director for Hillary) and Tim Hogan (Nevada Communications Director).

The group was hosted by the Mineral County Democrat Club (official name: Mineral County Democratic Central Committee).  These poised, knowledgeable, young campaign workers spoke to a group of Democrats, gathered at Maggie’s Restaurant. A lively, wide-ranging, informative and fruitful discussion ensued. Subjects covered included veteran’s issues; onerous social security benefit reductions; congressional term limits; single-payer health insurance; curbing of lobbyist influence and much more.