After a delay of about three weeks, the new solar power project for Mineral County schools is set to go online. Chris Schultz, school superintendent, said because the school address each company had on file didn’t match, NV Energy refused to pay rebates to the project’s construction company, Solar City.

Schultz said that Solar City possessed the right school address.

“I signed the forms again on July 1 because NV Energy now has the right address on all their forms, so Solar City should be getting its rebates soon. That power plant was ready to start running a month ago, but they’re not going to run it until they’ve gotten paid,” Schultz said.

The date of the solar energy startup is still uncertain, but Schultz said the week of July 6 is not out of the question. Schultz also commended Patricia Stoddard, the school district’s finance manager, for her hard work during the project. “She’s a superstar; she gets things done.”

Schultz also said the school system should start building up energy credits as it will use less power than it manufactures during the summer months. 

“We’re excited about it; it’s a cool deal.”