1Described by Salutatorian Mykala Dummar as “a family”, the Mineral County High School Serpents spent their last day as seniors in the high school gym, going through the tradition of graduation Friday night.

The Class of 2015, all 26 students, would receive high school diplomas. (One adult education student would also walk across the stage.)

MCHS Principal Mike Domagala would tell those in attendance, “This is the first time in many years that each graduate will be receiving a diploma. There will be no certificates of attendance handed out tonight.”

Within the walls of the newly remodeled high school gym, Salutatorian Dummar would give an emotional speech about moving to Hawthorne, not sure she’d fit in, yet – in hindsight found a tight knit family with her fellow students.

Valedictorian Brea Schlepp would not prepare a speech, jokingly telling the audience that she had printer problems, but spoke from her heart about starting preschool with many of her fellow classmates and continuing onto high school graduation. She would tell her classmates that each and every one could achieve their dreams.

Wattie Baldaramma and Brady Cardenas took the audience on a journey of the students 12 years of education in Mineral County. Beginning with Carol Munger in the first grade onto their years in high school, noticing that once they hit their last four years, the time flew by.

Guest speaker, Kathy Trujillo, an alumni of MCHS and recent college graduate, would encourage the students to do what is right for them. Whether it is college or to stay in Hawthorne, to do that to the best of their abilities and not be held back.

MCHS Government teacher, Darren Hamrey, would turn and address the student in which he had spent a full year with in government class. He would give the students a funny speech, using each of their names to joke around about a dream he had, but on a serious note, would speak about a young man from MCHS who too went onto college, unsure of what he was doing. This young man would be unsure of many situations in his life, but completed those situations to the best of his ability. That young man, being Hamrey himself. He encouraged the soon to be graduates to make the best of their lives, to move aside roadblocks and to know that they always had MCHS to fall back upon.

Over $40,000 worth of scholarships would be handed out to many seniors.

With a simple turning of the tassel, 12 years of hard work and dedication was over. The Mineral County High School Class of 2015 had officially graduated.