4When Larry Osmonson talks about cooking, his eyes light up.  His craft has been honed with over 43 years of cooking.

“I have worked from steak houses to the mom and pop restaurants and every place taught me a little more about cooking things the right way.”

His personal favorite is barbecue, but any meal is fine with Osmonson.

“I’m an old Nevada boy.  Everywhere from here to Reno have been my stompin’ grounds.  I’ve lived in Hawthorne for the last 14 years – working at the El Cap for 10 working years and in the engineering field for four.  I don’t mind the variety of jobs, but my heart is in cooking.  I had a close friend of mine talk me into cooking here at Maggie’s and I decided it’d be a nice opportunity.”

When explaining that his off-time hobbies included his wife, Jacque, his three dogs and off-roading, it was easy to figure out his love of this area. Taking his dogs up to the hills and taking in the view and the freedom of exploring has given him roots to stay here.

“I enjoy this town and all it has to offer.  I have great friends and you can always find a new trail to take you into peace and quiet. To spend a day out, then come home to some creative cooking is just a completion of life. I enjoy the simple things.”

Born in Mountain Home, Idaho, Osmonson was raised the Nevada way early on when his parents came to rural Reno.

“I was taught to work and enjoy life. As far as cooking, I started off as a 15 year old dishwasher then learned that I hated dealing with all those dirty dishes.  I asked to train in the food prep and worked my way up into restaurant cooking to escape the dirty work.”

With one daughter in Elko, and two grand kids, Osmonson says a family working environment suits him just fine, as he will feel more relaxed and creative with his cooking skills.

When asking the Maggie’s staff about the new cook they said, “Get ready for some fun cooking and more great eating ahead.”

You can be sure to find a proud smile on Osmonson’s face as he’s behind the cook’s station at Maggie’s Once More in Hawthorne.