3Mineral County District Attorney Sean Rowe has reported there were no signs of tampering or fraud with one election machine that didn’t count 176 votes during the 2014 general election.

Rowe gave his compiled report to the Mineral County Board of Commissioners and the general public at the June 2 commission meeting.

Rowe gave a 20 minute presentation where he went over his investigation into the missing votes. The inquiry was conducted by not only Rowe, but also by Nevada Public Safety – Investigation Division and the Nevada Secretary of State.

It was concluded that there were no signs of tampering or fraud with the voting machines, the process as to which the votes were counted, Mineral County voter staff or to the rolls or cartridges themselves.

The district attorney has made his complied investigation report available to the public. The Independent-News has this available on our website for review.

Rowe met with Independent-News staff to discuss in more depth step-by-step on what his office and Mineral County can do to regain the trust of the general voting public.

Rowe reiterated that once the documents pass the point of contest they become sealed records and cannot be opened without a judge’s order.

“That’s a shame. I researched this subject in all 50 states and it is a small minority that allows those records to be public record. In my mind, why shouldn’t they be? If we have faith in the systems we are putting in place, then those records should be public,” Rowe said.

Nevada law differs from that of Rowe’s opinion.

Stewart Handte, former Mineral County Sheriff who lost his race by 75 votes, doesn’t agree with Rowe. He still believes that former Mineral County Clerk Cherrie George is hiding the truth of what really happened.

“I believe there was a purposeful act set forth to allow the time to contest the election to expire,” Handte explains.

“There is zero transparency with anyone related to this so called investigation to the people whose welfare is at stake. It’s a solid dead bang cover-up,” Handte says.

At this time, the investigation stands. Those who are currently in office, remain.

A rumor has circulated that a lawsuit may be filed against Mineral County by one of the candidates. At press time on Tuesday, the Mineral County Clerk’s Office verified that no suit had yet been filed.