4Jackie L. Cooper, 76, of Fallon passed peacefully at the Carson Tahoe Hospital on March 8, 2015. Jackie was surrounded with family and friends.

Jackie was born in 1938 in Twin Falls, Idaho. The family soon moved to Hawthorne, Nev. where Jackie spent his childhood.

Jackie loved to explore and have a great time with his lifelong friends, Wayne and Marley Kichenmaster and Ted Hughes. Together they explored the desert canyons, mine shafts, caves, the Walker Lake and Walker River areas. It is believed that they even inserted themselves into the war games that were played near the Hawthorne Naval Ammunition Depot. Jackie’s wife and children will be forever grateful that he survived many of his childhood and youthful escapades.

Jackie graduated Mineral County High School in 1958. He entered the Army and was stationed in South Korea. He served as a telephone lineman. He survived a fall from a pole and a near drowning in a flooding river among other dangers while he was there.

Jackie married the love of his life Fern Kinman in 1959. Their daughter Julie was born while he was stationed in Korea. After returning to the states he was stationed at Fort Huachuca, Ariz. While at Fort Huachuca their son Wayne was born. They would later adopt a son Lewis to complete their family.

Jackie received an Honorable Discharge from the Army and returned to Hawthorne to work at the Hawthorne Naval Ammunition Depot as Civil Service. While raising his children with Fern, Jackie continued to enjoy his love of exploring, hunting and fishing. Jackie had a scientific, inquisitive, and artistic mind set.  Jackie embarked on a lifetime of learning to accomplish his private and professional goals. He learned to play several musical instruments by ear. He became a proficient archer both in hunting and tournament shooting. He often designed and built his own archery accessories including many proto types of sights and stabilizers for his bow. He always had a set of paints, brushes and a canvas to follow his artistic pursuits. Jackie always had a love of birds. He decided to raise exotic birds and set about learning how to do so successfully raising many baby chukar and pheasants. Jackie being Scott – Irish was a master story teller and kept his family and friends entertained for years.

The Hawthorne Naval Ammunition Depot was sold to the Army in 1982. Jackie decided to finish his Federal Service elsewhere. He moved with his wife to work in Colorado, California, Oregon and finally Washington. He worked as a government inspector, working on many projects including the space shuttle. He enjoyed helping small manufactures fulfill their government contracts. While living in Washington he decided to take an early retirement after giving the Federal Service 34 years.

Jackie and Fern moved to Hamilton Mont., to be near their daughter. Jackie decided to take up woodworking. He quickly became proficient. He started with lawn ornaments, bird houses, feeders and craft projects. Jackie and Fern decided to return to the desert after 3 years in Montana, moving to Fallon, Nev. While there Jackie became an award winning bird carver. He competed with his bird carvings and won many awards and offers to show his birds in galleries.

Jackie always found in his neighborhood or church those who needed help and freely gave it. He had a soft spot in his heart for widows. He loved serving in the churches that he attended. His faith grew stronger each passing year. He was a believer and a follower of Jesus Christ.

Jackie in his 60’s survived a skin cancer that spread to his neck, after being cancer free for almost a decade he got the news in January that there were spots in his lungs. Long before the diagnosis that the spots were cancer Jackie’s Father in Heaven whispered to his soul that a cure was not to be this time, Jackie would be going home.

Jackie accepted the diagnosis with amazing faith and dignity. Family, friends and medical staff were all witness to his belief that he would soon be in Heaven. He never lost his sense of humor even while in the hospital. He spent his last strength visiting with friends, telling his children and their spouses that he was proud of them, and making sure all arrangements were in place for his wife’s care and future. Jackie planned to continue working with wood in Heaven.

In Jackie’s last days he spoke of two very special events of the past few years. He was very proud to have attended his grandson Jeremy’s and Lauren’s wedding in Tacoma, Wash. While there he was able to fish for salmon with his son Wayne and son in law Mark demonstrating his amazing fish whisperer skills. He was also grateful that our family spent time last summer at Julie’s family home in Victor, Mont. It was there that Jackie fished with Wayne and Becky as well as Mark and Julie’s family – grandson Matt and Rebecca and great grandson Maddox Hoselton.

Our families owe special thanks to Mark Hoselton’s Aunt Mary Slate of Fallon for the countless hours spent in care of both Jackie and Fern after their hospitalizations in recent months. Pastor Alan Hilton of St. John’s Lutheran Church for his home and hospital visits, prayers, and help arranging rides for medical appointments. Pastor Tom and Thelma Bacon who has given 40 years of care and friendship to our family. Fern’s brother, Glenn Kinman for all of his help. Lastly our family will be forever grateful for Wayne and Marley Kichenmaster for their lifelong friendship to Jackie and being able to come and help bring joy into Jackie’s last few days.

Jackie was preceded in death by his mother Eleanor Williams, step father Leonard Williams, sister Gevene Pena, grandparents, uncles, and his favorite uncle Jerry Thornburgh. He is survived by his wife of 57 years Fern Cooper. His brother in law William Glenn and Linda Kinman. His aunt Lydia Thornburgh and her family. Cousins, nieces and nephew. Daughter Julie and Mark Hoselton. Grandson Matt and Rebecca Hoselton, Great Grandson Maddox Hoselton. Son Wayne and Rebecca Cooper, their son Jeremy and Lauren Cooper. Son Lewis and Brenda Cooper with their children Ashley, Kyra and Austin.

Cremation has taken place. A celebration of life services will be planned later. The family may be reached at jhoselton60@gmail.com.