Under the direction of Emily Cannell, a sixth year veteran teacher, the Mineral County Varsity Band gathered together to receive their “Serpent-colored” band shirts donated by the Armed Forces Committee.

The school band is made up of high school and junior high school students, with the youngest coming over from the 6th grade classes. Student Julie Sanchez, who plays the bass clarinet, was happy to play some sample notes from their recent May 2, All-State Band competition held at the Nugget in Reno. The Mineral County Varsity Band joined a “Small School” group of 100 other students to play several renditions of popular band selections. “Our favorites were Silver State Fanfare, Northwest Suite and the National Anthem. It was so cool to practice here, with just a few of us, but then sit in and play alongside other small town band classes. Together we made up this huge group that could compete with the sounds of the Reno and Las Vegas bands,” Sanchez explained.

When poling the band for the student that will have the hardest time walking and playing their instrument in the Armed Forces Parade, the entire class pointed to Joseph Bandoni, who plays the baritone saxaphone, which almost dwarfed his size. The band will be marching in the Armed Forces parade while playing Stars and Stripes and proudly wearing their new shirts on Saturday, May 16.