Dear Editor,

A great big thank you to our community. You have once again shown wonderful support for the Mineral County School District Book Fair. Your attendance not only added books to the three school libraries, but will have a long-term effect on reading and home libraries. All good news for the future of our students.

The fair cannot happen without lots of help. The following were most especially helpful:

Ms. Dodge; Mr. Dorschel; Ms. Arends; Ms. Munger; Ms. LaReita Parker; Mr. Gary Funk; Ms. Spring Blazewick; Ms. Sarah Blazewick; Ms. Nunally and Ms. Rigler. As always, thank you April, Marilyn and Tom and his A-team.

In addition we thank the school superintendent, Mr. Schultz, and our school principals, Mr. Domegala, Ms. Keuhey and Mr. Hackford for encouraging their students and families to attend the fair. Also, a thank you to Sheryl Samson of the school board for stopping by. We also thank the El Capitan for their cookies and Safeway for enabling us to package up those books.

An extra big thank you goes to all those Mineral County people who mentioned us and read about us, with pictures yet, on social media. Your attention and assistance were invaluable, I assure you.

We are grateful to one and all for what has become a tradition of attending that unique event in Hawthorne – the school book fair.

See you next fall,
L.A. Dorschel

Dear Editor,

Oh yes, Connie Ellis Martin (MCIN April 2 edition) I’m sure there are a few hundred tax payers with you on this matter, and I’m the first to jump on the wagon.  Two of the three commissioners’ either don’t have enough common sense or just don’t give a damn about increasing revenue the sensible way.

The path they have taken is the easy way for them, they just don’t care about the tax payers – “Oh my” they must have forgotten who pays their salaries. The other thing about this B.S. is when a buddy or friend pulls up at the landfill shack, how many do you think get to dump for free?

And by the way, this is such an honest run county you can’t tell me this doesn’t happen quite often.

By the way Connie, I don’t think you or anyone else has to worry about the nuisance lawman coming around.  Reason being, I have turned in 14 nuisance reports with two 8 1/2 x 11 photos of each property and signed the forms.  Guess what?  Nothing has been done in almost two years.  Doesn’t that tell you something?

Two commissioners need to go.  I’m sure there is some good being done in Mineral County but by who I don’t know.  We have a lot of good people living here.

It sure would be nice to write something positive for a change, but it’s almost impossible for me anyway.
Thanks for reading and have a nice day,

Butch Seymour

Dear Editor,

Ms. Harris (MCIN April 23 edition), about your comment on abandoned properties in need of cleanup and by the way there are too many to count – Commissioner Tipton advised you of the procedures.  The problem is you can fill out all the paper work until you are blue in the face and nothing will be done about it.  Don’t forget Mr. Fontaine, the building inspector works under the commissioners and believe me they push his buttons.  As I stated before in past letters, I have turned in to Mr. Fontaine 14 nuisance forms with photos and as near as I can tell, nothing has been done and not to mention this 4th of July will be close to two years.  So sad to say but you might as well be talking to a rock because they just don’t care.  My thanks for trying though.

Thanks for reading and have a good day –

Butch Seymour