The question regarding miscounted votes continues to linger for many Mineral County residents, but a Nevada resident has taken the question further, by asking the help of Joe Hart with News Channel 4 in Reno.

The question posed by Gump of Dayton asked, “What is the status of the Attorney General’s investigation of Mineral County’s election fiasco? Is there even an investigation?”

In response to Gump’s question, Hart reported, “…one of the candidates who came out on the losing end by a slim margin is planning to file a lawsuit as early as next week.”

The suit, reported to be filed by Chris Nepper, has yet to be filed in the Mineral County Clerk’s Office as of 2 p.m. on Tuesday afternoon. A call to Ken McKenna, attorney for Nepper, was initiated but Independent-News was informed that he was in court.

It is rumored that the suit will be against Mineral county, the state and Dominion, the company whose machines Mineral County residents cast their ballot upon.

In the Nevada Assembly, a bill was assembled to make sure that incident such as that in Mineral County are caught. Assembly Bill 209 which was introduced by Assemblywoman Shelly Shelton, representing District 10 (Clark County, introduced the bill which would set up security procedures, audits, etc. for ballots and election machinery. After being sent to the committee, the bill sat until time ran out. No action will be taken this session to see that cross-checks are in place for incidents such as Mineral County’s.

The Independent-News has once again emailed District Attorney Sean Rowe regarding this ongoing issue. No word was received.