Business License Approved

The following business license were approved unless otherwise noted:

Crystaldig owned by Joshua Ruppert. Mineral County Building Inspector Mike Fontaine stated that this business is a road side stand which will be selling rocks, oils and other trinkets within the county. The commissioners asked that he be invited to the next meeting to discuss his business.

My Gun and Me Firearms owned by Ward and Lisa Lemons. The business will do safety training and concealed weapon training in Mineral County.

Maxine’s Place owned by Carol “Maxine” Mitchell. Fontaine stated at this time he and Fire Chief T.C. Knight are unable to approve their business license. Commissioner Paul MacBeth stated that a business license is not needed on federal property. Commissioner Cliff Cichowlaz stated that Maxine’s was more of a concessionaire. Fontaine stated that local business owners came to Mineral County complaining about different rules between businesses in town and that on the base. This item was tabled.

BLM Updates

Terri Knutson explained that Ormat Wild Rose has drilled another well and is building another pad. She explained that there will be off-road races this year and that BLM officers will work with Mineral County deputies. No word has been given on the boat ramp project for Walker Lake. Wild horses were discussed being back on the roads.

LEPC SERC Grant/By-Law Changes

Patrick Hughes, Emergency Manager for Mineral County, discussed that they were unable to get a quorum until the last possible meeting. It was asked that members of LEPC appoint an alternate in their absence to attend the meeting. Both were approved.

Hughes also read into record the names of the membersand their proxies.

Building Improvement

Leavitt Construction was awarded the contract to repair the Mineral County Library roof for $6,158.

The awarding of the Hawthorne Airport FAA grant for the parallel taxiway was discussed. Mike Trujillo, Mineral County Public Works Director stated, “My personal recommendation is I just don’t see any more aircraft out there. We just dumped $187,000 into that for a local match. Do we want to spend in 2018, another $100,000 for that?”

Commissioners Cichowlaz asked for the airport commission impute and MacBeth asked for a study to be completed.

Care & Share News

Cherrie George, Director of Care & Share advised the commissioners that they are in positive with cash flow.

She stated that some of last year’s grants will be deobligated due to not making the requirements as set forth previously. George plans on doing more outreach with seniors to build up clientele.

The Nutrition Equipment grant was awarded for $7,088. The vendor only accepts a check or credit card so Aging and Disability Services Division cut the check directly to RESCO in the amount as the Care & Share did not have the cash on hand.

The seniors have had a dance, are looking at planting a garden on site and participating in the senior coupon program at the Farmer’s Market.

George asked for a corporate credit card for the center. MacBeth stated he would like to see a limit on the card. A $5,000 limit was approved.

George stated that the sheriff’s kitchen has been having issues. Discussion with Ferguson stated that the Care & Share could provide meals like they had in the past. The cost would be charged at the non-senior price, prep time and the use of a trustee in the kitchen.

Sheriff’s Office Brazos Grant

Mineral County Sheriff Randy Adams stated that they had already been approved. This grant is for electronic ticketing. Currently the grant is about $40,000 and Undersheriff Bill Ferguson stated that they are working with Justice Court in getting their systems up to date.

Southern Methodist University request

Jeff Barrow stated that the Southern Methodist University (SMU) has put in new wiring. The data produced by SMU is on power backup. He stated that they need to add more electrical updates so that they do not go off-line in a power failure. SMU is paying for all costs.

Armed Forces Day contribution

Karen Colbert came before the board asking for a contribution to the 2015 Armed Forces Day celebration. Colbert discussed the AFD board ideas. MacBeth stated that the Military Affairs committee will be making a 65th Armed Forces Day Anniversary coin to sell. MacBeth made a motion to donate $2,000 to the 2015 Armed Forces Day celebration.

Silver Dyke Road

Greg Ekins asked for consideration of the maintenance of the Silver Dyke Road. The road was maintained from 1968-1976 by Mineral County. Sue Silver, local historian, could not find any information afterwards. Sean Rowe, District Attorney, stated that the county is not obligatory to maintain the road. Ekins explained that the weather had washed the road out and with the price of tungsten, he needs to get into the property. Trujillo stated that he should get with an outside contractor to open the road. Rowe stated that the commissioners are giving Ekins permission to get an outside contractor to get into his property.

Excelsior/Gillis Range

Rob Mathias tried to read into comment that the Mineral County Sportsmans Club is not in favor of the BLM and them designating the Excelsior/Gillis Range as wilderness characteristics. He read into record, “Contributing factors in determining our stance on this issue are derived from our residents way of life. We enjoy outdoor activities such as off-roading, hunting, hiking, etc. In recent years, Mineral County’s outdoor and recreational activities opportunities have declined due to such obvious factors as the loss of Walker Lake’s fishery and boating opportunities and access to outdoor activities on Mt. Grant. Our counties two most prized assets.”

Cichowlaz stated he did not want to endorse this as he is “pro-wilderness”.

Mathias discussed how BLM shutting the roads could economically devastate the county.
Nevada Aviation Trust Fund

The letter from Betty Easley was read into record by Clerk Lorraine Haight.

Television District Board Vacancies

Haight checked on the term limits of previous board members. A letter was read into record from Dana Tommila stating that Laurie Duff and James Edington had both been appointed by the television board at the March 3 meeting. Both were approved contingent upon term limits for the two year unexpired terms.

Signatory Authority for Grants

Haight was designated signatory authority to sign off on grant requests and request for funds for the county.

Mineral County Advisory Commission for Military Affairs

MacBeth hoped to have a full board up and running by next month. Kent Bauserman and Wayne Larson’s names were suggested by Cichowlaz.

Mina Town Board By-Laws

Commissioners, Jean Inlow and Sherry Rhyne discussed that the term limit was set by the State of Nevada at 12 years.

Pumpkin Hollow

Virgil Arellano with Great Basin Strategies met with the commissioners regarding the Pumpkin Hollow/Nevada Copper Project. The corridor within Mineral County will be owned by Pumpkin Hollow with them paying property taxes to Mineral County. The piece is a transmission corridor which brings power into the project. Nevada Copper is not asking for abatements on the property. Currently the mine is surveying, getting appraisals done and waiting on conveyance. The economic benefit will be huge to not only Lyon County but surrounding areas. Commissioner Jerrie Tipton asked if Lyon County has enough housing for this project. Discussion was made regarding education. Tipton asked that Arellano give them a quarterly update.

National Local Government month

Tipton stated that possibly we could get a government class in to do a “ghost” meeting. Cichowlaz suggested an open house. MacBeth suggested inviting Darren Hamrey’s Civics class.

Park & Recreation Funds

Christine Hoferer, Recorder-Auditor stated that Park & Recreation should have sales tax coming in. The loan from two weeks ago has kept her from going into the red.

Nuisance at 640 First Street

Fontaine discussed the code violation regarding 640 First Street in Hawthorne. He stated that the CitiCorp will bring out a representative to the property to see if it is actually blight. He stated that by the end of April, they may have a decision as to what they want to do. Fontaine and Rowe were directed to contact CitiCorp and give them until the end of April to get the property cleaned up or they will receive a lien to the property for costs incurred to clean up the issues.

Luning Town By-Laws

Dennis Blazewick, Luning Town Board, appointments of new members. The elections for new members are held in the Luning Town Board meetings in November. The Luning Town Board is made up of three members. A chairman, a secretary-treasurer and a member-at-large. Tipton asked if they needed to have staggered terms. Residents can only fill the positions. Not property owners, only. The candidates can either be nominated or volunteer for the position. Rowe worked on the wording of the by-laws with Blazewick.

Hawthorne Convention Center

Barbara Lancaster met with the commissioners to discuss the liability insurance. She discussed the split between the insurance for the rodeo grounds and the convention center. The change will take first on July 1. Lancaster stated that a figure needs to be presented before July 1. After July 1, the tourism commission will have no responsibility for the insurance on the rodeo grounds