Mineral County Board of County Commissioner highlights from May 16

Safety message

Emergency Management Director Patrick Hughes went over safety for public assembly.

Public comment

Senior Services Director Cherrie George explained that the senior center flea market has been postponed until the end of June or September. Chisum wanted to make the board aware that the funds for the training needed in the Assessor’s office is inadequate. He gave the cost of the class at $499 for a 30-hour class. Tipton told Chisum to bring numbers for training to the budget hearing.

Tipton was asked to thank Rowe, Nepper, Mike James and Sheriff Randy Adams for their “extra- curricular” activity to help raise money for the Armed Forces Day kid’s events. Rowe stated, “It was not a pleasure.”

Price thanked public works for all their help preparing for the Armed Forces Day weekend.

Accounts payable

Deputy Recorder-Auditor Teresa McNally explained that there were capital outlay expenses. Discussion of unemployment expense. Commissioner Garth Price questioned why the Mercedes ambulance was being taken to Reno for oil changes, etc. Fire Chief Chris Lawrence explained that warranty work was also completed. Price asked if public works could change the oil.

Solid waste board

Ana Fitzgerald, Office Manager of Hawthorne Utilities brought forth names for the appointment to the Solid Waste Review Board Members for the 2018 appeal process for the landfill assessment for fiscal year 2018-2019.

The following names were read out loud by Fitzgerald: Robert Swift for Hawthorne; Pat McKay for Walker Lake; Dennis Blazewick for Luning; Rita Crist for Mina and District Attorney Sean Rowe representing the county.

BLM update

Ken Collum with the BLM-Stillwater Field Office/Carson City District met with the commissioners for an update. He reported that the Rawhide Regent Expansion Plan Amendment stating that the Stillwater Field Office has commented on the preliminary draft environmental assessment for the Rawhide Mine expansion and it has been sent back to the NEPA contractor. Isabella Pearl – the assessment decision record and finding of no significant impact was signed May 11. The letter of authorization will be signed the week of May 14. Teels Marsh Lithium has road building for exploration. Commissioner Jerrie Tipton asked that these exploration companies need to come and get a business license/special use permit with the county. As of March 2018, there are 22 active notices of intent to conduct minerals exploration and four pending notices.

Collum explained that they had received a report of dynamite at an abandoned mine site. A coordination with the consolidated bomb squad disposed of approximately 50 pounds of old dynamite.

The rangeland health date is being analyzed for the environmental assessment needed for renewal of permits.

The Walker Lake boat ram repair is still in works with BLM, Mineral County and the federal highways.

Races in the county include VORRA and Vegas to Reno, which discussions are being completed for a new environmental assessment of the five year special recreation permit. Vegas to Reno will be doing the 2014 route.

The Mineral County recreation map is being finalized and will be available for final review by summer 2018.

Upcoming events are: Eastern Sierra Jamboree, Sept. 11-15 and Sierra Trail Dogs, July 14-15.

Business licenses

The following business licenses were approved: Holly Qualls, Speech Pathology Solutions, LLC. and Mollie Moody, Moody, Inc.

Liquor licenses

The following liquor licenses were approved (Deputy Brian Dillard was present for the sheriff’s office): Cassie Dore for Mr. Beane’s and Cassie Dore for Barley’s.

11th Judicial Court budget

Franklin Wilderson with the 11th Judicial Court met with the commissioners in regards to the Mineral County budget. He wanted to discuss the amended fiscal year 2019 and 2020 hearing master budget request.

He explained that the hearing master oversees the child support budget. Rowe gave the background on the child support division in Mineral County.

Safety committee

Hughes asked for the approval of the creation of a county safety committee. He explained that the best way to make a safety program work is to begin with a safety committee. The commissioners approved his request.

LEPC grant

Hughes requested that the commissioners approve the fiscal year 2019 United We Stand Grant submission from the Mineral County Local Emergency Planning Committee. This grant is for the fire department to make a safety task force. The grant was $18,883.

Energy assistance

George met with the commissioners for approval and signature on an intrastate interlocal contract between the Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Welfare and Supportive Services and Mineral County Senior Services to provide clients with assistance in completing energy assistance program applications.

Luning Energy

Assessor Kevin Chisum met with the commissioners to change a value for Luning Energy/Liberty Utilities account #PI 745. Chisum explained that in 2016, they had been under assessed. He explained that last year, the value on the land went from $25,506 to $1,514,500. The improvement value of Luning Energy/Liberty Utilities went from zero to $37,515,400 bringing the total value of the property to $39,650,900. Tipton explained that 55 percent of the value is abated by the State of Nevada.

Chisum explained that the new assessed value is now $17,579,565. The assessor’s office has already generated the supplemental bill which is $642,481.85. The company has roughly 30 days in which to pay. It was explained that 56 percent of the $642,481.85 will be transferred to the general fund [$359,789.84 roughly].

Chisum just needs the commissioner’s approval to change the values for the tax roll. It was approved.

George asked if any monies were lost out on year’s prior. Chisum stated that when he gets hard figures, he can generate a new bill. Chisum stated, “We are going to recapture what we can.”

He stated that the county can count on the funds going forward and that Luning Energy/Liberty Utilities is willing and eager to pay their tax bill.

Ordinance 248A

This public hearing was for the adoption of Ordinance 248A Bill 264 to create the Mineral County Board of Health and Health Officer.

Rowe explained that this is the time for the public to comment and commissioners to discuss.

Dimmick asked what is the responsibility of the board of health.

Rowe stated that Wanda would need to agendize the secretarial position for this board.

Wanda asked for those who wish to discuss the board of health to stop by her office and discuss it with her.

The ordinance was passed.

Ordinance 8.40

Building Inspector Mike Fontaine agendized the first ready by title only, a revision of Mineral County Ordinance 8.40 (Nuisance). The title of the ordinance will be “Mineral County Abatement of Real Property Ordinance”. The ordinance was read into record. Public hearings were set.

Parcel #008-074-01

Jeri Sylvestri and Pat McKay met with the commissioners to discuss parcel #008-074-01, property owners Board of Mallet.

Sylvestri discussed the history of the property and that McKay and Sylvestri would like the county to take back the property.

Chisum gave his assessment opinion on the property. He stated that the parcel extends to the water’s edge of Walker Lake.

The direction was to not pay the taxes and wait for it to go into trust property status.

FAA agreement

Dan McPeake, foreman representing Eric Hamrey gave the commissioners the FAA Agreement for Transfer of Entitlements. These were funds that Mineral County did not use and will be transferred to Lincoln County. Tipton signed the document. (The amount of $150,000 for the Alamo Landing Field).

Swimming pool

Christina Boyles, the park and recreation coordinator requested to move forward with and accept the Pool/Pact Risk Management Grant to purchase safety equipment for the Mineral County Swimming Pool. Boyles stated that this was brought to her attention and she would like to purchase new pool ladders for the five and nine foot areas. She stated that the pool has also been written up for the lifeguard chairs or “the lack of”.

The grant is a 25 percent match of $1,859.72 for four lifeguard stands which can be stored and can be moved to be adjusted for glares, pool parties and swim meets. Boyles stated that the bromine system also needs to be replaced.

Hoferer explained that this has been the third application emailed to her office with the incorrect information. She explained that it has been board policy that the commissioners need to be informed if a department is applying for a grant.

“The policy is only as good as the board that is going to make them follow,” Hoferer stated.

Tipton stated that if Pool/Pact is going to fund this, the money would need to come out of miscellaneous grant funds.

The motion carried.

CC Communications

Mark Nixon explained that the CC Communications construction of a multi-point gigabit service tower does not need a special permit as it is on county land.

McPeake gave a form from Chris Knox and stated that Knox would like a form 7460 filled out before the commissioners making a decision.

Rowe stated that the commissioners can make a motion authorizing the building of the tour contingent upon the FAA feedback of form 7460.

Rowe would like an agreement between Churchill County and Mineral County regarding the tower.

Price made the motion to build the tower on county property with an agreement between Churchill and Mineral Counties with FAA approval.

The tower will be 90 feet and located on O Street in the utilities yard.

The CC Communication representative stated that many people ask what “90 feet is”.

“It is 10 feet less than 100,” Tipton explained.

Parcel 001-255-11

Steven Kelley petitioned to purchase trust property for sale on parcel 001-255-11. Kelley was not at the meeting.

Airport commission

Kirk Bausman, Chairman of the Hawthorne Industrial Airport asked for the commissioners blessing on the appointment of David Ellis to fill the vacancy on the Hawthorne Industrial Airport/Mineral County Airport Land Use Advisory Committee. The appointment was granted.

Aging and disability contract

Nepper asked for the approval of the aging and disability services contract.

The item was passed.

GID appointment

The Walker Lake GID Board asked to reappoint Shelley Hartmann to the board. She will be appointed for the rest of the year and will run on the ballot.

Lands Bill

Tipton put the agenda item for consideration and possible action relative to a resolution regarding a potential “Lands Bill” if necessary for the I-11 discussion. Tipton stated that Nye County has a resolution that if land is needed, there will be no wilderness lands if needed.

“Doing a lands bill is like making a deal with the Devil,” Dimmick stated.

The language will be on the June 6 agenda.


McPeake asked about the k-rails to be placed on private property. Price stated he had already spoken to Hamrey in regards to this. The rails must be placed for public safety.

Contractor procurement policy

The consideration and possible action relative to possible amendment of Contractor Procurement Policy. Hamrey had McPeake bring a list of question to the board.

Rowe stated that these questions will be answered at a further meeting so they can speak directly with Hamrey.

4th of July

Michael Stephens petitioned the commissioners to use the softball field for the fireworks for the 4th of July celebration in Hawthorne. He would like this continued to the June 6 agenda.

School district memo of understanding

Price brought forth that there needs to be a renewal and review of a memo of understanding between the Mineral County School District and Mineral County.

Tom Gallegos stated that there are still items that the county is using and the MOU needs to be updated.

Price thanked Gallegos for allowing the Armed Forces Day committee to use the football field for activities and a place for the monster truck. The school also helped to hang pennants.

Price made a motion to enter into a MOU with Rowe’s changes.

Closed session

The Mineral County Commissioners went into closed session. There were technical difficulties so the commissioners did not go into session.

Insurance committee

Brenda Jones went over the history of the insurance committee meetings. The names of the providers were explained to those in attendance.

Parcel #005-250-06

Tania Pomeroy asked to purchase parcel #005-250-06, which is located behind the Road Runner Hotel and the Rock Chuck.

Tipton went through the steps needed to sell the property. A motion to moving forward was approved.