9Mineral County Sheriff’s Office has obtained new shotguns and tactical rifle sights through a trade program discovered by Undersheriff Bill Ferguson.

Working with Sean Rowe, Mineral County District Attorney, Ferguson, along with Lieutenant Brian Dillard worked to make the trade.

The research, done by Ferguson, was discovered that the MCSO could trade certain confiscated firearms to licensed firearm dealers in exchange for new equipment.

Six new shotguns and five tactical sights at an estimated cost of $5,500, at no cost to the taxpayers of Mineral County.

The current shotguns used by the deputies are aged at 25 years old.

“I commend all involved as this was great thinking outside the box to better the sheriff’s office and Mineral County,” Mineral County Sheriff Randy Adams commented.

The Sheriff’s Office also purchased new preliminary breath testers for the entire MCSO force from grant funds available from the Nevada Office of Traffic Safety.

“The effort was spearheaded by Undersheriff Bill Ferguson”, Adams said. “As soon as we became aware that we did not have enough testers for our deputies.”

“The testers are just one of the many tools our deputies use to keep our highways and streets safe.”

Ferguson not only secured the testers but “had the foresight to also include the equipment and training necessary for MCSO to calibrate the testers, as well,” concluded Adams.

The grant was a zero match, which is a savings to the citizens of Mineral County.