Unhappy with the slow response of Mineral County in their efforts to clear up the uncounted 176 votes, the three candidates whose races could have been affected have started looking at other avenues to determine the true outcome of the November 2014 election.

After former Mineral County Clerk Cherrie George released a statement in last week’s edition of the Independent-News, Stewart Handte, Chris Nepper and Kevin Chisum have come together to reach a mutual decision as to which avenue they need to be traveling next.

Claiming that each ballot that was uncounted is a civil rights violation, Handte said that this now needs to be handled by a “comprehensive, competent and independent investigation done by an agency that is prepared to do it.”

“The District Attorney’s office isn’t doing it [the investigation] and has no way to do one and the state can’t do it because the Secretary of State’s office is involved in the process as well by providing false and misleading information, as well, so the only persons we have to go for in this particular aspect is the feds and we need the U.S. Department of Justice or the FBI to come in here, take over the investigation,” Handte said.

Continuing to quote Nevada Revised Statute, 293.465, Handte continued with, “The loss or destruction of ballots, or other cause preventing election in precinct or district; new election. That simple. There is a specific division in the department of justice that deals with elections and everyone needs to fill out a complaint on their website.”

“This is the first documented case of electoral fraud that I can find in the State of Nevada that I can find where ballots were not counted. Not saying it isn’t the first incident, just the first time it had been documented in an election,” Handte stated with Nepper in the room and Chisum on speaker phone.

Chisum added, “We put in the effort. We paid our filing fees. It cost us money and emotions and my families. I was encouraged by all the department heads at the county to file for office and so I do this and now we have the county who’s just turned their back on me and the people. It’s an insult to me that the county keeps giving us this information and the posturing by the people in the county offices and the commissioners is puzzling if they are really going to look for the answers and be truthful. They are a government. This is not how you do it. I am at a loss for the way they are acting.”

“The Secretary of State’s office signed off on a fraudulent document knowing that the numbers…weren’t matching up…but why?” questioned Handte.

“If there is any truth to the Dominion thing [noted by George in her statement to “the Independent-News], you don’t even know who to blame anymore.” Nepper told the group.

“Everyone is just pointing fingers at one another,” according to Handte.

“I give incoming clerk, Lorraine Haight, kudos, for putting her neck in the noose and doing the right thing. And that’s the problem in this county. Those that do the right thing are not looked at…in favor.” Handte said applauding Haight in her efforts to stay positive during the first few weeks on her new term.

“My question has always been, ‘Why didn’t she [George] say something to someone or the DA before it got this far?” Nepper asked.

“If you voted and you don’t think your vote was counted, you possibly have a civil rights action [against Mineral County.] I think there is more than one person involved in this and this is why we need an outside, independent investigation,” per Handte. “We are looking for the truth and it needs to be transparent to the citizens of this county and state,” he continued.