8The patrons from the Walker Lake Buffalo Stop enjoyed their last moments with Santa and Mrs. Claus before they left for the season on Dec. 27.  With the help of their elves, and many in the community, there was a 15 gallon bin overflowing with children’s give-away items. All these items will be incentives for the teachers to hand out to their classroom kids at the Schurz Elementary School in 2015.  Our teachers generally purchase their own small items to help promote goals and accomplishments within their classes, but with the help of a small community we were able to off-set some of those personal expenses.  Everyone that participated realized it could bring a small joy and motivation to our local classrooms.

Donna Glazier was on hand, as well as Buffalo Stop owner Darlene Doyle to receive the donations.  In addition to the variety of toys and children’s items given, a monetary gift of $40 cash was contributed toward the school’s needs.

An additional $35 was raised to give to the Walker Lake Crusaders.  The Crusaders are made up of young people that volunteer their time and effort to clean up the shoreline.  This self-supporting group not only cares about the appearance around the lake, but also the future of the Walker Lake resources.  They remain educated and interested in the lake’s prolonged life and future use.

With a small scale success, it seemed to be the impetus to plan more events in the future.