Former resident Ferris (Ed) Jones recently released another book of poems titled “Oh the Path That Followed”.

Jones was born in Hawthorne in 1964 and is the son of Ed Jones and Kathy Hamrey.

“Oh the Path That Followed” is a collection of poems commenting on issues from revolution, to the activities of the average barfly. There exists a belief that the right words can change the world. It doesn’t matter if they are written with care and distributed as a manifesto, or the simple ramblings of a drunk scribbled on a bar napkin. The real value falls upon the reader. The one thing that should be taken away from this collection is that it is honest and written by the hand of a man with few boundaries.

The book is available on Amazon. com. Jones is also finishing up a screenplay entitled “The Last Weekend in L.A.” which will be entered into the upcoming Writers Digest screenwriting completion due this May.

He manages the website and welcomes any Nevadan poet to submit their work.