Thank You,

On behalf of the YCAC, I would like to thank SOC for the very generous donation. SOC donated $1,000 for upcoming gym renovations.

Barbara Owens

Mineral County Recreation Director

Thank You,

To those of you that helped our father, Leo Jones, welcome another year, my siblings and I would like to extend a humble Thank You.

Our Dad experienced severe third degree burns on March 3, 2014. He was hospitalized for a month in Las Vegas, had to be seen as an outpatient for three consecutive months, and finally, follow up appointments for six weeks thereafter, until October. I knew he was tough, just didn’t know how tough he was until this happened!

Throughout all of this, it was your constant prayers that kept him strong, through prayer, he was not only blessed to see another new year unfold, but he celebrated his 91st birthday on Jan. 4, your never ending prayers made this possible!

When he was able to come home finally, on the 4th of July, and went to his ‘beloved’ El Cap, I had no idea of how loved and missed he was, until he was nearly stampeded by friends and well-wishers, the onslaught was led by Bea Valdez Collier……I was shocked to see so many people greet him, hug him, touch him, and just show him how much he meant to them! I am still in awe….thank you for this. Thank You Barb, and the members of your church, the Walker Lake Baptist Church, for your prayers, thanks those of you that I cannot hope to include all of your names…….Thank You!

I will stop for now. My wish for 2015 is that you have continued blessings and know how much you are appreciated. Miracles happen through prayer; my Dad is a miracle you helped to make.

On behalf of my sisters-Belinda and LaVelle, my brothers, Charles, Leo Jr., Kenneth, Gregory, and Jerry, we thank you.


Saundra(Sandi) Woodly

Thank You,

Thank you to the ladies at P&P Hair Designs and Darlene Doyle at the Buffalo Stop for selling our Christmas earrings. The profits made were donated entirely to the Ray of Hope Humane Society. Thanks to each person that purchased a pair for our unfortunate furry friends.

J. Henry

Thank You

Thank you sincerely for your kind expressions of sympathy and thoughtfulness. It is deeply appreciated and will always be remembered by the family of Mrs. Odessa McNeal.