2Residents of Mineral County have always given of themselves regardless of the time of year and this Christmas is of no excection.
Knowing the needs of the community, CAHS and Toys for Tots combined their efforts to make sure that no child, regardless of age, who met the qualifications went without a present under the tree.

CAHS has given diligently to the community year after year, sometimes with the staff taking money from their own paychecks when funds became short so that a child would get a new outfit or a toy to unwrap on Christmas morning.

In “America’s Patriotic Home” the Toys for Tots drive is strong with military influences. For those unfamiliar with the drive, the story goes:

In the fall of 1947, Diane, a wife of Marien Reservist Major Bill Hendricks handed him the Raggendy Ann doll she had made. She told Bill to give it to an organization for needy children. After World War II, many children were left without fathers and mothers were trying to make ends meet.

Bill and Diane had no children but she wanted a needy child to receive the doll for Christmas. Much to Bill’s dismay, he found that no organization existed so with the encouragement of his wife, the Marine started Toys for Tots.

The first campaign was ran by Marine Reservists in Los Angeles, collecting 5,000 toys. It was so successful that it was officially adopted in 1948 by the Marine Corps and expanded nationwide.

This year, the children of Mineral County, just like those when the campaign first started will receive a special outfit and toy on behalf of the many generous souls who donated to CAHS and Toys for Tots.

In speaking with the ladies who organized the gift giving, it was obvious that they were truly the ones that were receiving the joy as they were making sure that the Angel’s adopted by CAHS were given handpicked items.

The smiles on both the giver and receiver will shine brightly this year.