1Mineral County Commissioners have selected a new county clerk.

After the resignation of Lorraine Haight, the commissioners opened up the job which would be vacant as of July 1 to those interested.

Only two applications were received, both applicants who had been interested in the position during election time.

Both applicants, Teresa (Teri) Farley and Chris Nepper, were present at the June 25 meeting where Commissioners Cliff Cichowlaz and Jerrie Tipton were present and Commissioner Paul MacBeth participated via telephone.

Cichowlaz announced that the naming of the clerk would be “open” so everyone could see which commissioner voted for whom.

Tipton made the motion to appoint Chris Nepper to the position of clerk-treasurer. MacBeth seconded the motion via telephone.

Both Tipton and MacBeth voted aye, Cichowlaz voted nay.

Tipton addressed Nepper, “Mr. Nepper, I know that the ladies in there are going to do everything they can to get you up to speed. Honey, bless your heart.”

Nepper responded, “Let’s do this.”

Laughing, Tipton said, “I can guarantee that in a month you are going to come to us and say – Why the hell did I do that.”

Tipton explained that Nevada Association of Counties has put together a list of the duties of the clerk. MacBeth wanted to make sure that Nepper gets the training that he needs to get up to speed in his new position.

Judge Vic Trujillo swore Nepper in, effective July 1.