In an effort to open lines of communication to the Mineral County citizens and to inform and update the citizens of current and upcoming activities involving our youth, I am readopting the “Juvenile Justice” column.

Here in Juvenile Justice you will be able to read about concerns that I recognize within our youths lives and activities that may present hazards, distress, and areas of vulnerability which may have a direct or indirect negative impact on our youth. I will also identify and quote some laws of significance that should be brought to our attention and those that we should remain aware of.

Currently we have recognized a significant increase with our youth using illegal drugs, alcohol and prescription medications. This is not based on only the youth being charged and/or arrested, but also the “talk on the street” that these substances are way too prevalent and accessible at pretty much any given time.

In an effort to combat the individuals who deem it necessary to supply these illegal substances to our youth in an unlawful manner we must stick close with them and open the lines of communication here and at home. Trust me I know “easier said than done”. However we must remain vigilant in the best interest of all youth in our community.

Good luck to our football and volleyball teams this “Home Coming” week, hope to see a lot of alumni support and fans at the games! Also good luck to the Pop Warner football teams and cheerleaders!

Remember Trick or Treat is on Oct. 31

I’m open for input and suggestions of things that could be presented in this column please feel free to call or come visit. 775-945-3393