Read Reflections of the Past for the week of September 19, 2014.

80 Years Ago – Mineral County filed
a suit against the defunct Nevada
Surety and Bonding Co. for recovery
of funds lost in the closure of Wingfield
banks. The bonding company also was
owned by the Winfield financial empire
and defaulted when it was unable to
cover all the losses when the banks
folded. County officials explained that
if they could win a court judgment for
$25,819.91 they would have a preferred
claim if the liquidation of the
bonding company provided funds for
some payments on claims.

10 Years Ago

(From the MCIN files of Sept. 16, 2004)

• Mineral County Search and Rescue member, Harold Dimmick and his redbone hound, Rosie, were called out to aid in the search of Ernest Moran who fled from law officers.

• The Mina Club celebrated Willie Wolfe’s 90th Birthday party on Friday, Sept. 24 with a free bbq and live music by the Jack Williams Band.

• Tori Conklin was selected as the El Capitan Lodge and Casino “Employee of the Month” for September 2004.

• Joe’s Tavern featured a Thursday Night dinner of Italian Spaghetti hosted by Joe Viani, Tommy Jo and Jena Montoya for only $4 per person.

20 Years Ago

• Dan Donahue, well known Hawthorne resident was fatally injured in a 3-vehicle accident when his car, going south on Highway 95 near Sodaville, was hit head-on by a U-Haul truck, going north. Dan was on his way to work at the Candelaria Mine about 17 miles from the accident site. Donahue was very popular among residents of Hawthorne, particularly at the Hawthorne Speedway where he was a champion driver for many years.

• Humberto “Bert” Serrano, former Hawthorne resident, and graduate of Mineral County High School, was named to the coaching staff of the University of Nevada Track & Field program. Bert was a long-time coach and teacher in the Churchill County schools in Fallon for over 21 years. Serrano earned both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in education at the University of Nevada, and was a member of the track, boxing and gymnastics teams. Bert was a two-time Collegiate Boxing Champion, and at the time of his appointment to the coaching staff in Reno, he still held the school record in the pole vault. He is a member of the Wolf pack “Hall of Fame” in all three sports.

30 Years Ago

• Local Democrats held their annual picnic which included a break dancing exhibition provided by a local group.

• Argees softball team captured the women’s Championship when they defeated the Schurz Thrashes, 24-7.

• Butch Babb was presented the fast time trophy in the hobby stock car races held over the weekend. William Ferrier won fast time in the super stock lass and Mark Zane won fast time pure stock class.

40 Years Ago

• The Mineral County High School football team prepared to open the 1974 season with eight returning lettermen featured in a full-page section of the Independent-News: Brent Kidd, quarterback; Darrell Clark, tackle; Bruce Craft, center; Tim O’Brien, fullback; Pat Thyne, linebacker; Fernando Serrano, halfback; Gibby Beeler, tailback and Duke Gonzalez, linebacker, formed the nucleus of the football squad.

• Mrs. Catherine McKenna retired as Postmaster of the Hawthorne Post Office. Elfreida Franck took her place.

50 Years Ago

• Another fire truck was added to the county “fleet” with the formal transfer of title of a well-equipped truck from the Hawthorne Naval Ammunition Depot to Mineral County. Mike Kalember, chief of the Hawthorne Volunteer Fire Department accepted the transfer from Commander Bill Whitworth.

• The Hawthorne Little League champions were pictured in the newspaper. Armando Cardenas was manager; Martin Caraher, president; Joe Gurule, coach. The team members were: Bruce DeCrona; Gordic Lewis; Gizzy Lee; Don Singer; Richard Gurule; Leroy Cardenas; Paul Burger; David DeCrona; Bostic; and Gary Souza.

• Judge Vane Day reminded us: “A highway or road intersection is one place where it does not pay to call the other fellow’s bluff.”

60 Years Ago

• Despite the critical status of the polio incident in the community, health authorities did not order a cancellation of the long planned State Intermediate Baseball Tournament in Babbitt. Governor Charles H. Russell officially opened the tournament by throwing the first ball.

• Two earthquakes shook the community, one at 3:20 p.m. the afternoon of Aug. 31, and one on Sept. 1, at 10:20 p.m.

• Discovery of uranium in the Pamlico District near Hawthorne was reported.

• March of Dimes Drive in Mineral County topped the $10,000 goal.

• Billed as one of the most beautiful and outstanding social events of the summer season in Hawthorne was the wedding of Mary Jo Dole to Michael Mongelli

70 Years Ago

• County Commissioner Charles Tiller resigned his position, stating that he didn’t care to serve on a board controlled by one man.

• L.E. Blaisdale retained the office of District Attorney when the State Supreme Court reversed a lower court ruling that N.E. Conklin was duly appointed to fill that position.

• One man was injured in a knife fight that followed a “crap” game in Babbitt.

• A Hawthorne man cashed a check for $3,000 and after the manager of the bank became suspicious it was found that the check had been forged. The man who had forged the check was apprehended and all of the money was recovered.

80 Years Ago

• Ralph Pletcher, 26-year old Marine, died from injuries suffered when he jumped from a truck to retried his hat which had been blown away, and his head struck the highway pavement. Pletcher was riding the “liberty” bus going from Hawthorne to NAD.

• High school enrollment on the first day of school was 43 and was expected to increase by the end of the week, possibly reaching the high of 52 students at the close of school in May. First day enrollment at the Elementary School was 60 and this number also was expected to increased.

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