Dear Editor,

I recently inquired of the MCIN staff if there was an update on the lost election ballot issue that was reported on in your newspaper. I was informed that the paper had nothing to report because inquiries to the appointed authority had not received a response. This is unacceptable.

The authorities in Mineral County must be responsive as members of the public are awaiting information as to how these votes may have been “lost” and uncounted, if that is the case. It does not bode well that people cannot feel that their vote matters if the authorities do not treat this matter with a timely and appropriate review or investigation to ally the fears voters will have in future elections.

All the local candidates for office who may have been affected by what has occurred have every right to know the truth of the matter. If the votes were not counted, was the election outcome affected and were candidates seated to office who actually did not get the popular vote?

People who don’t vote because they think they’re votes don’t matter will point to this as confirming their attitude is correct. People who believe their votes count should be shown that they actually do.

What is the truth of this matter? Voters of Mineral County want to know.

Sue Silver


Dear Editor,

The Mineral County Commissioners are doing a pretty good job right now, but I still don’t agree with the dump fees that have been in effect for several months.

I want to thank the Mineral County employees for replacing the garbage can lids along Main Street. It makes the town look a little better.

If you lose items, such as jewelry, keys, money, etc. Check with the Sheriff’s Office or the newspaper office.

This town has a lot of honest people. Maybe somebody found your lost item and turned it in.
Jerry Herod


Dear Editor,

Letter to Editor concerning Tracy Bates who was on the front page of the paper a few issues ago. The Sheriff’s sister, the Tracy Bates, I knew a couple of years ago had a few years of sobriety under her belt and I thought was well on her way to recovering. Obviously she has now slipped back into adversity.

She did me a great favor a few years ago when I had a restraining order against a local woman who I kept my guard up against. Tracy volunteered to escort me out to my car from the restaurant she worked at for my protection. If the adverse woman were to ever attack me in the parking lot, if a struggle ensued, all people would see is a big brute like me picking on some poor helpless woman, although I would be defending myself against her.

If some bystander were to report it as a rape, some dumb cop would show up, unable to sort it out and would slap the cuffs on me right away.

Tracy said if that woman were to ever attack you, I will take her and you will be safe from a false accusations or harm done to me.

I still feel I owe Tracy some gratitude for that. Putting herself on the line for me.

Now, I cannot condone what Tracy has recently done, nor would I ever commit perjury for her, in court.
She will have to face the music for what she has done.

In 1971, I got picked up for DUI. The judge asked me why I had six open containers next to me. I said it’s like this Judgey Wudgey, “I had to hit the brakes real hard to miss a dog in the road. All the caps flew off and all the beer flew out.”

That didn’t go over very big in court. I was sentenced to 30 days. I haven’t had a drink since. It’s been 37 years for me, sober.

I hope Tracy even if it’s several years down the road, can be the same Tracy I knew a couple of years ago.
I see what has happened to her as a tragedy. I’m saddened about it.

Jon T. Johnson