Planning Commission Chairman Mark Nixon wants to clear the air regarding the latest developments of Green Energy Nevada LLC. “I know there’s a lot of rumors going around and I just want to get the record straight,” Nixon said.

“In reality, what’s going on is just the process. The preliminary title reports on the land are done. Four numbered land parcels included in the sale turned out to be roads,” Nixon said.

He added that Mineral County inadvertently created a subdivision which actually dedicated the roads. Because of this, the lands are not subject for sale. Nixon said that on July 10, documents were prepared to present to the commissioners to make an addendum to the development and property sale agreements to remove those parcels from the deal.

“I picked up the escrow instructions myself on July 9. We should be able to close escrow on July 17,” Nixon said. He also said that once escrow closed, GEN would receive instructions on how and where to post the performance bonds. 

The performance bonds are the guarantee that if GEN does not meet stipulated performance standards, the county will receive the full appraisal value of the land from the bond holder.

Nixon said that one reason an escrow window passed during the process is because each parcel number of land for the entire sale has its own preliminary title report, which makes for a lot of work. 

“If the commissioners agree and sign off on the addendum to the development purchase sale agreement and escrow instructions, then we can close escrow and GEN can post bonds. Then they can start off with their civil site plans that they need to do for state permitting,” Nixon said.

“I think we’re rarin’ and ready,” Nixon concluded.