A San Rafael, Calif., man was arrested in Mineral County for reckless driving after a sheriff’s deputy clocked him driving at 111 miles per hour.

Stewart Handte, Mineral County Sheriff, said Chanwoo Lee was arrested on U.S. Highway 95 head south into Hawthorne.

Lee’s silver Toyota Prius was first noticed near Schurz, where Jason Schuman, an officer with the Walker River Paiute Tribe Police Department, clocked Lee driving between 95 and 100 miles per hour, Handte said.

Schuman couldn’t overtake Lee, but was able to stay close enough to watch him, and he radioed ahead to the Mineral County Sheriff’s Department, which dispatched Lt. Brian Dillard to stop the speeding Prius.

“Subsequently the driver was arrested, and then transported to the jail and booked,” Handte said.

Lee, who emigrated from Seoul, South Korea, less than a month ago, didn’t have a driver’s license, only a passport. He paid and forfeited his $1,140 bail, and was released a short time later.

Lee is not expected back in court in Mineral County.

Handte said Lee didn’t say where he was going so rapidly, and the only indication of his destination was that Lee was going south.

Handte said he was satisfied with Dillard’s performance, but the chase came as a surprise to the sheriff.

“I didn’t think a Prius could go 111 miles an hour, but apparently they can,” he said. “Kudos to Toyota engineering for making a car that can go that fast.”