7th grade students Peyton Baldry and Quentin Isom are pictured with Gramp Tom Gallegos and mother Melissa Isom as the boys present them with cutting boards that they made in their wood shop classes. 8th grader Chase Reeves is pictured holding a jewelry box he made.

These are just three of the projects that have been made during the school year. Shop classes include both high school and junior high classes. They learn how to use the tools and shop safely. The students are encouraged to make projects that they want with teacher assistance when needed.

This year’s students have produced numerius cutting boards, jewelry boxes and storage boxes. A toy box was made by an older brother for his younger sister. The students have made fake bird houses that will be placed over the water timers at the senior citizen housing. They have also built benches for the softball park.

“It has been a fun year for the students,” said the Shop teacher Mike Domagala. “I hope they have learned to love building things and will continue to do so throughout school and beyond.”