From the MCIN archives

10 Years Ago  

  • The long planned mural for the Mineral County Museum got underway during the week of April 16. Fashioned off the large composite painting done in 1976 by a local artist Dean Owens, former teachers, Lee and Donna (Ludwig) Peterson began the first phase of the mural’s artwork.
  • About 27 properties around Mineral County, including Love Day’s Inn in Hawthorne, will be sold at public auction at noon on Friday at the Hawthorne Community Center.

20 Years Ago

  • A Corporation agreement was signed in Carson City on March 18 between Walker River Paiute Tribal Chairman Robert Quintero. Tribal Police Chief Ray East and State of Nevada POST Director Dick Clark for tribal law-enforcement officers to be POST certified.
  • Around 300 loon watchers took part in the Loon Fes boat rides on Saturday. Assisted with Nevada Division of Wildlife, several department and private boats took viewers on Walker Lake to see the migration birds.
  • The Board of County Commissioners accepted the resignation of District Attorney Tom Wright at a special meeting. The registration was accepted by a vote of 2 to 1.

30 Years Ago

  • Doctor Timmie Buckhauler of Hawthorne was awarded the JC Penny Golden Rule Award for her hard work and dedication to the Kids at Risk Rescue Squad and her service to this community.
  • A 6th Grade Olympics was held at the Hawthorne Elementary/Junior High School. Several events were participated in by the students that included weightlifting, stamina contests, long distance run, two-hundred meter run, basketball, kickball and a very exciting relay race.

40 Years Ago

  • Only one bid was received by the Hawthorne Water system to drill a well in Cory Canyon. The bid exceeded $50,000 which was an excess of the funds available.
  • A Democratic rally washeld at Lions Park headed by Senator Howard Cannon, Attorney General Dick Bryan, Secretary of State Bill Swack hammer and State Treasurer Stan Colton.
  • Problems in Mina at the community were aired at a meeting of the county commissioners. Spokesmen for Mina were Charles Jackson, Merle Swanson and Merle Richards.
  • Allen Lee was pictured in the Independence-News, rolling a near perfect bowling game of 298. His game was the highest ever recorded at the Silver State Lanes in Babbitt. (Note: since that time both Lee and Lloyd Brown of Hawthorne have bowled perfect 300 games at the Babbitt Bowling Alley.)

50 Years Ago

  • Mineral County was officially presented with the key to a new ambulance. The unit was funded through the joint effects of a highway safety office of the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles and Mineral County under the federal/state highway safety program.
  • The Naval Ammunition Depot accepted applications for temporary workers for the following positions: ordnance learner, $3.25 per hour; ordnance workers, at $3.68 per hour.
  • Reinterpretation of the U. S. Forest Services regulations resulted in a prohibition against the casual collection of Indian arrowheads and other artifacts.
  • The U. S. Bureau of Census reported that the Mineral County average family income was $10,172 in 1970.

60 Years Ago

  • Jim McKenna was elected Democratic Central Committee chairman and Jay Piece was elected Republican Central Committee chairman.
  • Two Juveniles overturned and damaged the soft drink machine and then tried to outrun a police car.

70 Years Ago

  • Dr. E. F. Hansen was reappointed county chairman for the Cancer Crusade.
  • The Navy authorized the sale of a surplus ambulance to the city of Hawthorne for $499.
  • An open house was held at Parks Ford Sales on 5th and I Street and he invited all to see a complete line of 1952 Ford cars and trucks.

80 Years Ago

  • Mineral County fishing season opened. Residential license fees were $1.50, persons over 60 years old were exempt for purchasing a license and non-residence was $3.
  • A nautical theme was set for the Junior Prom. Nominated for Prom Queen were Ella Plosila, Nina Parker, Dolly Castellani and Darleen Fenkell.
  • On orders of the War producing Board, no additional service connections could be made to the county power system or town water system.
  • Expanded activity at Gabbs Magnesite project was reported.

90 Years Ago

  • Claude Smith, editor of the Fallon Standard, and Del Williams, editor of the Fallon Eagle, while in Hawthorne to attend the big road boosters meeting, told Bob Lee he had produced a geyser 20 miles north of Schurz, a short distance east of the Schurz- Fallon highway. Lee had drilled a well three years earlier, striking ho water at a depth of 67 feet. Resuming drilling to put down a large pipe line, Lee struck water at 61 feet that “blew” hot water 109 feet into the air for approximately five minutes every 20-25 minutes. The geyser, which became a tourist attraction at the time, disappeared following the heavy earthquake.