Courtesy photo
Kim Ricker’s resin art was one of the many unique things for sale at the April 15 swap meet at Hawthorne High Desert Arts.

Hawthorne High Desert Arts is kicking this spring off with fun swap meets and yard parties throughout April and May. On Fridays and Saturdays throughout April and May, people are welcome to browse and buy locally made arts and crafts from Mineral County vendors during its swap meets; and on every other Saturday starting April 23, Ian Work and Kelly Williams will be playing live music starting at 7:30 p.m.

“We did some swap meets here last year; I’m an artist and this year I partnered with Luna Moon Artistry’s Kim Ricker. She’s a wonderful painter and does resin-cast trays, coasters, and jewelry,” Williams says. Hawthorne High Desert Arts invites all artists and vendors to join these spring swap meets for a very modest fee.

On Saturday, April 23, as well as May 7 and May 20-21 during Armed Forces weekend, Kelly Williams and friends will also be playing music during its “Yard Party at the Work Place” events following the swap meet.

“We play music that makes you go, ‘damn, I love that song’,” Williams says, playing everything from country to classic rock to newer music in her own style but in songs people recognize.

“We play everything from Jefferson Airplane to Alex Clare to Chandelier by Sia. I even play a country-style version of a Snoop Dogg song,” she says. Williams says that they have one little square of Astroturf in the yard to give people a goat head-free place to dance.

“Bring a chair, your cooler, and a friend…or just bring a chair and a cooler and make friends here,” says Williams.

Baked goods and pastries are available to purchase on swap meet and Yard Party days as well, and Williams encourages people to call ahead if there’s something that they’d like to have.

“If someone wants something special- like rye bread or something unusual- then it’s best to call ahead of time so that I can have it ready for you,” Williams smiles.

Captain Kelly and her Buckin’Ear will also be playing live music at Barley’s this Friday, April 22, starting at 8 p.m. and available to book private events. We joke that between her providing baked goods, vendors, and live music, that she could fully support any special event.

For more information about securing a spot at a swap meet, putting in a special order for food, or booking Kelly and her band, call 775-471-6410 or visit the Hawthorne High Desert Arts Facebook page at Kellysworldofart