From the mcin archives 

10 Years Ago 

  • Residents in the rural communities of Schurz and Gabbs breathed a collective sigh of relief last month when they were informed that their post offices would remain open, for now. 
  • The Mineral County Fair and Recreation Board met on Jan. 24 to answer the question looming on many people’s minds: will the old Convention Center, now (and formerly) the USO building, reopen for business. 

20 Years Ago 

  • The first of many benches were placed Monday of this week in front of Fidel’s Clothing. The benches are being made through grants to the Downtown Revitalization Committee. The benches were made locally by BLT Ready Mix owner Brad Amussen. 
  • Mineral County was represented by local residents this month in Quartzite, Arizona during the Quartzite Vacation and RV Show Local residents, Bob & Ginny Becker and Ron and Bonnie Wolven were on hand to hand out over 8,000 packages of information. 

30 Years Ago 

  • Nevada Goldfields Corporation announced a developmental drilling program for the community’s Aurora property. 
  • Virgil Getto of Fallon, State Senator who represented Mineral County in the State Senate, announced his retirement after serving six years in the State Senate and 18 years in the Nevada State Assembly. He was one of the senior members of the Nevada Legislative. 
  • A new firehouse in Hawthorne was given first priority for Community Development Block Grant. 

40 Years Ago 

  • Allen Connelly announced that he was seeking a third term nas Mineral County Commissioner. Connelly said that he was announcing early so that he would have adequate time to contact as many voters as possible before the election, to obtain their viewpoints and solicit their continued support. 
  • Fredrick B. Park was named president of Houston International Mineral Corporation replacing Robert Hope who had returned to his native Australia. 
  • A man was taken into custody by the Mineral County Sheriff Department after attacking Don Moody at his place of business; Moody received lacerations of the face and head and was treated at the local hospital. 
  • Hawthorne girls Robin Miller and Rachelle Buffington were recognized in the local paper. Robin was awarded the Good Citizen Award by the Daughters of the American Revolution and Rachelle received the Youth Citizenship Award given by the Hawthorne Soroptimists. 

50 Years Ago 

  • Construction work was started on a facility at Mineral County High School by Denton Construction Co. of Sparks. 
  • The Hawthorne Elks sponsored the “Teenage of the Month” program and winners were Shelly Barton and Bruce DeCrona. 
  • The Serpents defeated the Manogue Miners but suffered the first loss of the season to Fallon. 

60 Years Ago 

  • Serpents downed the Stewart Braves 56-27 to take the conference lead. The Serpents prepared to face a real test in conference play, traveling to Yerington for a Friday night game, and then returning to Hawthorne to meet the undefeated Douglas Tigers. 
  • Ambro and Lester Rosaschi posted a notice that no hunting, fishing or trespassing would be allowed on their property near Sweetwater. Inconsiderate people using the property was the cause for this action. 
  • Housing census before was released which valued the average owner-occupied home at $6,900 with a total of 2,607 housing units being counted in Mineral County with 2,059 considered in “ sound condition “. Tenants at rentals paid an average on $55 per month. The report continued that of the total, 884 units had telephones, 140, had clothes dryers and 60 were equipped with household air conditioners. 
  • The El Captain offered $5 cash for Cutthroat trout taken from Walker Lake weighing 8 pounds or over and $2.50 for all between five and eight pounds during their annual fishing derby. 

70 Years Ago 

  • Serpents were upset 47-42 by Lovelock, then beat by Carson City 40- 35. 
  • An R-60 Construction , the largest airplane in naval service, landed at the Hawthorne Airport Sunday afternoon and drew the largest crowd of townspeople ever seen at the local airport. The four-motor plane with seats for 98 on the upper deck and cargo space on the lower deck had passageways inside its wings, brought 27 Navy and Marine officers here for a special 30-day training mission. 
  • Two hundred residents of Lee Vining, California received food, medical and fuel supplies when a crew from Hawthorne NAD succeeded in breaking ice and snow blockade on the Pole Line Road. 
  • District Attorney Leonard Blaisdell left for Washington to prepare to argue a power rate case before the U. S. Supreme Court. 

80 Years Ago 

  • Large shipment of concentrates was made from Lucky Boy Mine near Hawthorne . 
  • All Japanese, German and Italian nationals in Mineral County were ordered to file identification papers at the courthouse because there was no secondclassified post office in this county. 
  • Tent City was established in Gabbs Valley to house 584 men being employed to construct the magnesite calcination plant near the existing brucite mine. 
  • U. S. Senator Berkeley Bunker informed the Independent-News that the government planned to build additional housing units north of Hawthorne. 

90 Years Ago 

  • Only three days left to buy vehicle license plates before having to pay a $3 penalty in Mineral County. Passenger car plates were up to 178, eleven more than in 1931, but commercial plates dropped from 53 to 39. One trailer license and one motorcycle license were sold in 1932 and none in 1931. 
  • Senator Tasker Oddie and Congressman Sam Arentz supported the bill of Senator Henry Ashurst of Arizona to oppose any cut in wages of workers at Hoover Dam, President Hoover urged all contractors to pay the prevailing wage of the community as required on government contracts under the Davis Bacon law. 
  • A committee was formed in Reno to promote a boxing bcard with Jack Dempsey as a comeback Main Event. Sponsors said it would take $300,000 to $350,000 to promote the fight card. Dempsey would be offered $200,000 or 50 percent of the gate as his share.