70 Years Ago – More than 80 members and friends of Mineral Lodge 51 I.O.O.F enjoyed a picnic at Fletcher’s Station near Aurora. A bountiful supply of food and soft drinks was furnished. The crowd enjoyed sports of all kinds including horseshoes, races for all ages, tug-o-war for men and women, softball games and dancing in the afternoon to music furnished by Hakkila’s Hill-billy band.

10 Years Ago

• A motorcycle racer was Fatally injured Friday in “Vegas to Reno” off-road race. Motorcycle racer Brandon Smith, 19 of Hesperia, Calif., suffered fatal injuries while participating in the TSCO “Vegas to Reno” event held last weekend in Nevada. Brandon was riding entry number 327 in the Open Expert division, as part of the father-son racing team of Kurt and Craig Carlson, based in Hesperia, Calif., when he crashed and succumbed from his injuries. The accident occurred at approximately 4 p.m. Friday just outside Pit 10 near Redlich Summit. Smith was thrown from his motorcycle and impacted the terrain. It appeared to be a single vehicle accident with no impact with another vehicle. The TSCO team was dispatched to the scene and medical care arrived in a short time. Unfortunately, Brandon died at the scene of the accident.

• Hawthorne Army Depot Recipient of “Army Superior Unit Award.” BG William N. Phillips visited the Hawthorne Army Depot on Aug. 20 and during the visit, he presented LTC Hardee Greene, Hawthorne Army Depot Commanding Officer, with the Army Superior Unit Award.

• Sybil McQueen celebrated her 20th anniversary with Financial Horizons on August 24th. McQueen began working for the Credit Union in 1987 as a teller.

20 Years Ago

• The Community Garden that was being maintained by the trustees held by the Mineral County Sheriff’s Department, was producing a great variety of vegetables that were being consumed by various groups in the county and was also being used to supplement the cost of feeding inmates in the county jail.

• The annual Walker Lake Golf Association Women’s League Tournament was held at the Walker Lake Country Club on the Army base. Winners of the tournament were: Roxanne Foley; Linda Dow; Tricia Caufield; Melissa Cutler; Diane Thornborn; Joyce Parcell; Margaret Schumann; Paula Lee and Gina Buum.

• The widely-known Culpepper &Werriweather Circus was scheduled to be in Hawthorne for two performances on Sept. 2 at the junior high school athletic field.

30 Years Ago

• The ABC Girls Softball Team from Hawthorne took second place in the state championship tournament held at Reno’s Shadow Mountain Complex. Members of the team were: Kathy Worthen; Donna Hall; Toni Gilley; Dawnette Williams; Brinda Funk; Lily Byrd; Pam Goodman; Teri Colvin; Miranda Champion; Elena Viani; Suzi Sheperd; Judy Corn and Linda King. Team coaches were: Larry Worthen, Chuck King, and Steve Funk.

• Results of the annual Walker Lake Cup Classic boat races were: ET class, 1st – Terry Mills; 2nd – Art Williams; 3rd – Dave Griffith; MOD, 1st – Tim Dickson ; 2nd – Jeff Brewer; 3rd – Ronald Ponter; MOD-U Dick Sherer; Sport C, 1st – William Fahey; 2nd – Steve Esauk; 3rd – Scott Williams and Mini Grand Prix, John Navaretta.

• Jay Rodecker, the driver of Boat 390, was seriously injured while testing his boat Saturday and was flown to Reno where he underwent surgery.

40 Years Ago

• Winners of the Regional Softball Tournament held in Hawthorne were the Miami Sawaias from Miami, Ariz.

• Cloud bursts caused extensive damage to the Hawthorne water supply in Cory Canyon. A full report of the damage was made by Frank Souza, Superintendent of the Hawthorne Utilities.

• An announcement was made that there would not be hunting in Cory Canyon because of severe cloud bursts in the area.

50 Years Ago

• A well-known former Hawthorne young man, William S. Griggs, was killed when his crop dusting airplane crashed near Modesto, Calif.

• Representatives of the Rural Counties Community Actions program started a survey in Hawthorne to determine the need and the public reaction to various programs under the so called “War on Poverty.”

• A Medford, Ore. attorney was bitten by a fox while camping near Walker Lake and state authorities said that the examinations in Reno proved the fox to be rabid.

60 Years Ago

• A full-scale gold mining operations were being conducted at an elevation of 10,000 feet on Mount grant near Hawthorne by the Mt. Grant Mining Co. The work was being done on the old Pringle property with access to the mine through Cottonwood Canyon.

• Mrs. Elizabeth Bearden, owner of both the Cactus and Desert Theatres in Hawthorne purchased the Mineralite Drive-In Theatre in Hawthorne from Charles Leonard. Leonard also the owned the Babbitt Theatre in Babbitt.

• The “Grand Opening” of Hawthorne’s Monte Carlo Restaurant & Casino, owned and operated by Joby Lewis, was held Saturday, Aug. 31, 1957.

• Quote of the Week by Judge Vane Day in his “ Everyday by Vane Day” column in the Independent-News was: “A hard fall means a high bounce if you’re made of the right material.”

• Mr. and Mrs. Claude Smith, prominent residents of Fallon, met instant death in a highway tragedy that occurred on Highway 50 west of Fallon. Mr. and Mrs. Smith who had stopped to render aid to a motorist whose automobile was stalled were struck by an oncoming vehicle. Smith, a lifelong newspaperman, had been publisher and editor of the Fallon Standard for more than 30 years.

70 Years Ago

• A total of 74 buildings at Camp Jumbo (the former CCC camp located where the former Schweer Drive was located above the Industrial area at the base) were offered for sale by the Navy.

• Congressman Charles H. Russell was a visitor in Hawthorne and held conferences with several public groups. He expressed himself in favor of a wage increase for Civil Service workers.

80 Years Ago

• Forest Bibb of Carson City, public relations director for the newly created state department of unemployment compensation, spent two days in Hawthorne explaining the duties and responsibilities of employers under the new state law.

• Harriet G. Spann, director of women’s and professional projects for WPA in Nevada and Vera G. Sales, supervisor of WPA Recreational activities, were in Hawthorne on an inspection trip to evaluate WPA programs in this area.

• Four firms submitted bids for the sale of new road equipment to Mineral County, ranging from $4,000 to $6,000 based upon a number of alternate proposals. Present at the special meeting of county commissioners and submitting the bids were F. W. Tarr and J. E. Murphy, Sierra Tractor & Equipment Co., Reno, Adams grade; Barnet Dennison, Bacon & Dennison, Reno, Galion patrol. Award of bid was delayed until September (Sierra Tractor was the eventual “winner”, receiving contract to furnished two Caterpillar motor patrols for $9,927).