The Mineral County Little League lives on as much needed board positions got filled at its November 2 meeting held at Barley’s Sports Bar. On October 25, then Board President Sarah Dillard announced on Facebook that the league was threatened to be dissolved when no one showed up its October 18 meeting to hold nominations.

Fortunately, close to a dozen people showed up to the November 2 meeting and threw their hats in the ring and by the end of the meeting all positions were filled.

“The meeting went fantastic. We had about 12 people show up between community members and people moving to the area that reached out before the meeting and joined us remotely via Zoom, and a lot are parents of children in Little League,” Dillard says.

File photo – After concern that Hawthorne Little League would have to disband due to lack of volunteers, the league is back on for 2022 following a plea to the community and a Nov. 2 meeting where all the board positions were filled.

“It was a great turnout, it was nice to see people interested and motivated to keep Little League going,” she adds. All the main positions of president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, safety, and coach coordinator were filled, as people submitted their nominations and it went to vote. One local resident, who was the former concession manager and fundraiser coordinator became president, and the league hopes to introduce a new position for softball offered to 12–14-year-old girls if there is enough interest to form some teams.

“In previous years, the girls played baseball because we didn’t have enough players to fill a softball league. Before Covid, we had the plan to bring in softball but then it didn’t happen, so we hope that we’ll be able to have it this year,” says Dillard.

When asked about how she feels about the decades-old Hawthorne Little League continuing, Dillard replies, “I’m excited that this will continue and the expansion of the softball team. Little League provides important developmental skills for middle school kids and it’s a direct feeder program to the high school baseball team. I’m just thrilled and relieved that this will continue.”

Dillard has two kids ages eight and nine who participate in the Little League and feels it is a great social outlet for her family.

“It’s my son’s favorite sport and my daughter loves hanging out with her friends,” she says.

However, the Little League still needs volunteers to work the concession stand, do field cleanup, and maintenance. Dillard believes the Little League will also be hosting more fundraisers to help repair the scoreboard, sound system, and concession stand.

“Thank you for those that took on board positions, to our parents, and many of the financial donors who make this possible year after year,” Dillard says.

Around 125 players of all ages are registered in the Hawthorne Little League, and its next meeting will be held November 17 at Joe’s Tavern on 537 E Street at 6:30 p.m.