Congressman Mark Amodei criticized the Small Business Administration for internal rules that prohibit small gaming businesses and their employees to be treated like businesses of similar sizes.

“It appears that a 25-year-old Small Business Administration internal regulation will replace congressional intent of the CARES Act relating to participation in the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP),” he said, adding:

“The internal functionaries at the SBA are apparently answerable to no one in the nation, as they have issued an interim ruling that provides no relief for any small business gaming employee or employer. I am stunned that a nameless, faceless group of people embedded in a government agency apparently speak for the Congress, and the Executive Branch, when it comes to interpreting emergency legislation.”

Amodei called “cultural arrogance” that allows the agency to “blithely decide who Congress was attempting to help.”

It’s “stunning,” he said.

“While I have been told that the Administration will continue to work on this issue, the Treasury Secretary’s comments today are not indicative of one who prefers not to discriminate. Presently, it looks like Congress will have to fix this in the follow-on legislation.”