MCIN staff

‘Fight For Nevada’ has released a petition to recall Governor Steve Sisolak.

The petition was filed with the Nevada Secretary of State’s office on Feb. 14. According to the letter submitted to the Secretary of State’s office, “Governor Sisolak’s first responsibility is to serve the residents of the State of Nevada. Sisolak has shown publicly that he will not support and defend the U.S. Constitution or the Bill of Rights upon which our Nation is founded. Sisolak has placed himself and his Office in an adversarial position against the majority of Nevada residents, and does not, in no way, represent Nevada values. Among other grievances, Sisolak has signed into “law” or stated he will support the following: Anti-2nd Amendment legislation including a ban on commonly owned firearms, illegal restrictions on the transfer of private property, laws requiring forced metering of private water wells, abortions without parental notice for our children, voter fraud via the DMV, forced Nevadans to report mileage in preparation for mileage tax, supported the State Income Tax, and repeatedly violated the constraints placed upon him by both the U.S. and Nevada Consitutions. Sisolak has effectively lost the support, trust and confidence of his constiuents. Sisolak is unable to ensure the publi’s safety, nor will he protect the security and unalienable Rights as afforded us.”

Volunteers for ‘Fight For Nevada’ work at collecting Mineral County signatures in the effort to recall Governor Steve Sisolak.

‘Fight For Nevada’ has a petition open in Mineral County where voters who casted their ballot in the 2018 election can sign. Places and times vary.