Thank You,

It is with the most grateful heart that I say to you all, thank you for loving and caring for my husband, Wallace (Wally) Peterson.

It is beyond words how wonderful all of the employees of Mt. Grant General Hospital and the clinic were to him, even when he wasn’t quite himself. Mr. Qualls, thank you for making it possible for our family to be with Wally day and night. You have a great staff who do a terrific job. You are to be commended. Dr. Ventura, your exceptional care and concern for Wally’s health issues are to be admired. He put all his trust and faith in you since 2006. I’ll never forget that day when he told me to “get over there” and get us signed up to be under your care. Thank you for all you did for him. To all the emergency room doctors and nurses, all the acute nurses and CNA’s and all the skilled nursing facility nurses and CNA’s (some of whom he called “his girls), thank you for your TLC. That thank you extends to the lab and X-ray staff as well. Thank you to the kitchen staff who always made sure he had chocolate cookies and ice cream; to the physical therapy staff, housekeeping, the business offices, maintenance, absolutely everyone, thank you so very much for your love and caring support. Thank you to the ambulance crew who made many trips to Reno, Carson City, and Yerington with us.

To Father Jesus Ballesteros and his staff in Yerington, thank you for your prompt response when called to come and administer the Last Rights to Wally, and then to be so helpful in making sure his services were absolutely perfect. Thank you to Mrs. Bunch for being there to represent his Lutheran upbringing.

To Wally’s children and grandchildren; what a totally awesome job of planning, organizing and putting together an amazing service and celebration of your father and grandfathers life in such a short amount of time. A job very well done. Thank you to you all. He loved each of you and was very proud of all of your successes and how you are all making a difference in the lives of others.

To the Independent-News: Thank you for your prompt publishing of Wally’s obituary and the notes of gratitude from our families…..and now from me. We all appreciate your services.

To Gunthers Funeral Home: Mr. Gunther and Mrs. Bostic, thank you for your kindness and understanding and your help during such a sad and upsetting time.

To Flowers by Ness, who put together the most beautiful flower arrangements. They were so pretty. Thank you.

To my children and their families; There are no words to express how thankful I am for you all, for all you did to keep me going, for loving Wally as a second dad and grandpa and Papa, for coming to stay with me during my darkest days. I am so very proud of everyone of you.

To our friends and neighbors: Thank you for your calls, the beautiful cards, and the visits. Thank you for your continual prayers and words of hope….and now of comfort, for your kind gifts of financial help, for the food and baked goods, for your love and support and all of your offers of help. Thank you.

Wally was a very kind and loving husband, a father, grandfather, great-grandfather, brother, uncle and cousin. He was a teacher to students who he truly cared for, many of whom helped care for him while in our hospital. He taught each of his children how to build houses and sent them all to college. He was a good contractor and builder. He was an avid reader and a master of knowledge, especially about WWII history. He was a man of many talents. He enjoyed co-hosting a religious class each week. He painted beautiful oil paintings, he made awesome quilts, he made fine furniture and he loved his flower garden. He loved to cook and bake and to host large groups at Christmas time. He did leather work and he enjoyed blacksmithing. He built and displayed model airplanes and boats. He built a model railroad display. One of the last building projects he did was to build two baby cradles for our families to use. He knew that one would not be enough! In his younger years, he hunted and fished and made full sized teepees. His crafting talents were unlimited.

He touched so many lives in so many different ways. His legacy will live on through his children and their children.

Wally, you are loved and you will be missed.

My Heartfelt Thanks,
Kathy Peterson