20 Years Ago – Judge Wagner Overrules Environmental Agency in Elko County Road Dispute- Elko County won its first legal battle in Jarbridge’s South Canyon Road dispute as state District Judge Richard Wagner overturned state environmental commission findings that the county illegally entered the Jarbridge River in its attempt to reopen the controversial road. Judge Wagner’s decision resulted from the county’s appeal to the findings by the Nevada Commission and Division of Environmental Protection that said the county violated the clean water law.

10 Years Ago:

  • News From Our Schools- Mineral County School District welcomed two new members to our leadership team. Stephanie Kuehey and Melissa Cardenas joined us in the capacity of assistants to the school administration at Hawthorne Elementary School and Hawthorne Junior High respectively. Both ladies had recently completed their master’s program and had applied for their Nevada Administrative Licenses. With the movement of Walt Hackford to lead efforts at Mineral County High School, Kuehey and Cardenasare gaining on-the-job experience as school administrators.
  • Family Literacy Night at Elementary School- Family Literacy Night was the place to be this week, ten years ago. If you were looking for fun activities and crafts, this event provided that and an enjoyable and educational experience.

20 Years Ago:

  • County to Retrieve Hawthorne Sign Funds From Credit Union- Before the “Hawthorne” sign was relocated to Lady Bird Park, a fund drive was started to raise funds to pay the county back for the sign. There were a number of donations made by organizations and individuals at that time.

30 Years Ago:

  • Swanson Successful Bidder for Purchase of BLM Land- Donald Swanson of Hawthorne was the successful bidder for the purchase of 8.21 acres of land located immediately east of Hawthorne town limits on the north side of highway 95. Swanson bid $95,270 for the property when it was offered for sale Thursday at an auction held in Carson City Office of Bureau of Land Management. The property previously had been offered to Mineral County at an appraised fair market value of $75,200 but the county declined the offer, stating it would be better to have BLM offer the land for sale and if purchased by a private party, the property would be placed on the tax roll.
  • Computers for Students- The first month of the “Apples for students” contest went very well. Over $170,000 in receipts has been collected and they have ordered their first computer. All schools in the district have finished their contest. The winning rooms had an ice cream social. The schools have posted signs and posters about the drive around the community. They have also placed boxes in the businesses around town in which you could drop your receipts.

40 Years Ago:

  • Stamp Facts and Fancies- In the biggest deal ever for a negotiated philatelic sale, 3,500 rare stamps and letters were bought recently by a London-based multinational stamp dealer from an American for ten million dollars plus. An estimated 22 million Americans collect stamps for fun and profit. National and international stamp shows, as well as local shows, are sponsored by the American Stamp Dealers Association, Inc. and organization dedicated to high professional standards among its membership.
  • Rabies Shots Compulsory- Rabies can affect all warm blooded animals including man. It is caused by a virus which attacks the nervous system and it is present in and spread through the saliva of infected animals usually by a bite wound. Rabies is 100 percent fatal once symptoms appear in any animal, including man. Most dogs are exposed to the disease by bites from wild animals. Nevada law requires that your animal receive rabies vaccinations every two years.

50 Years Ago:

  • Historical Markers Registry System Being Established- Nevada state legislation enacted in 1967 created authority for the Nevada State Park System to establish a State Historical Marker Registry System. The registry and marker program is conducted statewide. Sites are qualified on the basis of historical significance and contribution to the social, economic, cultural, military, political or religious development of Nevada. For historic sites of local or regional scope, a Local historic Points of Registration Program has been established. All sites designated in this category will be eligible to receive a numbered registration seal.
  • H&R Block was processing tax returns for $5.

60 Years Ago:

  • Wanted: Young farmer want to meet marriageable girl with tractor. Please send picture of tractor.
  • State Museum Given Contribution from Fleischmann Fund- Announcements were made by Judge Clark Guild, chairman of the board of trustees of the Nevada State Museum, of a contribution of $38,000 from the Max C. Fleischmann Foundation of Nevada to carry on the natural history of archaeology programs of the museum. This is in addition to the sum of $17,329 contributed last November for installing an elevator in the new Judge Clark J. Guild Hall.

70 Years Ago:

  • Northern Buys Mayes- Mayes Fast Freight passed into the hands of the Northern Transportation this week after 28 years of continuous service to this area. The Northern Transportation now operates freight lines from Los Angeles to Salt Lake and from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, Tonopah and Hawthorne to Reno. The purchase of Mayes Fast Freight now completes the link in through service from Los Angeles to Reno. It means that this area will have fast service to Los Angeles and Salt Lake. One hundred pieces of equipment are operated by Northern Transportation.
  • The Hawthorne Mercantile had Cudahy’s First Quality Sliced Bacon for $0.49/pound. They also offered delivery services. 

80 Years Ago:

  • Governor Carville is Hawthorne Visitor- Governor E.P. Carville made his first visit to Hawthorne this  year on Saturday past when he stopped here several hours en route to Tonopah to attend an inner-city meeting of Elks lodges in that town. While here the governor discussed affairs of the state in general. Governor Carville was accompanied by Ned Turner of the Public Service Commission at Carson City who was initiated as a member of the Las Vegas lodge of Elks at the inner-city meeting in Tonopah.
  • Interior of Gym Improved- Greatly adding to the convenience and comfort of students and patrons alike, the interior of the Mineral County High School gymnasium has been completely finished with a combination installation of composition wall and ceiling and ply board.

90 Years Ago:

  • Picture of Sea Serpent Taken- For several years, O.H. “Doc” Bott of the Golden Key Drug Store has attempted to a catch a snapshot of Mr. Groundhog and while each time he has failed, this year he was more than rewarded for his services. A perfect “catch” of Walker Lake’s famous sea serpent. Bott has not yet been able to figure out how just how he kept out of view of the monster although he said every precaution was used not to disturb it. Immediately after taking the photo, Bott returned to town, secured his rifle and with his son went back to the coral cave where the serpent was seen but unfortunately he had retreated from sight. The view of the serpent as reproduced in the picture shows that it is large enough to cause the great disturbances on the lake that many old-timers claim they have witnessed on moonlight nights.
  • Sophomores Held Party- The members of the sophomore class of Mineral County High School proved themselves excellent entertainers when they were hosts at an informal party given for the entire student body. Dancing and games were enjoyed until a late hour following which, super was served.