Dear Editor,

Care and Share, they do more than feed seniors.

They recently helped me with predatory lenders plus helped with recovering money owed to me by Melon Group of N.Y.C.

Perhaps, you saw a notice they put in our local paper, when they apologized for not being able to accommodate folks in the county who have to use a wheelchair and could not get on the Care and Share bus. I gave them a small donation, $100. Please help this wonderful organization, if you can. Yes they accept donations, they are terribly underfunded.

Chuck Kilburn Luning

Dear Editor,

President Trump’s 4th of July Speech There is a lot of negative press out there about President Donald Trump. His Fourth of July speech was no exception. He made it “all about himself”, it was a “political ploy to help his 2020 campaign”, the military craft “had no business being there”, he “looked small standing in front of Abraham Lincoln”, yada, yada, yada.

I watched the presentation from start to finish, and nothing could be further from the truth than those comments. The Lincoln Memorial was a fitting backdrop for the ceremony. The military fly-over was impressive. The entire speech was given from the heart, with sincerity and pride in America. There was nothing about Trump himself in the speech. On the contrary, he gave credit to dozens of deserving men and women for their role in the development of this great nation. He began by acknowledging our firefighters, police, and first responders, giving examples of heroism. He cited leaders in the Civil Rights Movement and others who made huge contributions in their fields. The main emphasis of the speech then centered on all the branches of the military, including the Coast Guard. After speaking about the courage, dedication, and actions of each, again citing many strategic events and heroic deeds, he paused for each branch’s military hymn to be played by the band. I was moved to tears several times during the ceremony.

Trump concluded his remarks by asking that people in all corners of the country come together to support and preserve the traditions of this great nation. He encouraged young people to join the Armed Forces. He stated that we are all made by the same Almighty God, and that we must be thankful to live in the land of the free and the home of the brave. Trump then thanked all those responsible for the organization of the day’s festivities. The ceremony concluded with the singing of “Battle Hymn of the Republic” and Trump’s final words, “God Bless America.”

To the Trump-bashers, those out there who would prefer to live under socialism, or those who would advocate rewriting our history, destroying our monuments, aborting the unborn, taking away our second amendment rights, burning our American flag, opening our borders indiscriminately, providing sanctuary cities, and denying God in our public life, I have a suggestion. Find a country that offers all those things and sneak in illegally. See how that works out. But don’t expect to be welcomed with open arms and given countless free benefits. You are more likely to be deported, imprisoned, or yes, beheaded.

God Bless the United States of America!

Wayne and Beverly Kichenmaster Hawthorne

Dear Editor,

Overdoses are happening everywhere, all over the country. In our current society, the streets are filled to the brim with laced heroin that’s often mixed with carfentanil and other fentanyl analogs. Dealers are now adding it to street pressed pills, cocaine, meth and marijuana too. Carfentanil was made in 1974 to be used to tranquilize elephants and other large mammals. It’s not meant for human consumption. Most of the time carfentanil cannot be reversed by Narcan, the anti-opioid overdose reversal drug used today. Someone who is exposed to Carfentanil can experience dizziness, clammy skin, shallow breathing, heart failure and respiratory depression leading to a fatal overdose. Carfentanil and other opioids are responsible for a high number of overdose deaths in the US every year. Addiction is a completely preventable condition. No one should have to die as a result of their addiction. Any addict who does ceases to be a son, daughter, mother, or father but instead becomes a mere statistic of our nation’s massive drug crisis.

For more information on the opiate epidemic, visit If you are in need of a no-cost referral to a treatment center, call us at 877-841-5509

Shauna Krout Clearwater, Fla.