Dear Editor,

In response to Mr. Twillings ramblings in our Feb. 6 edition of MCIN, you sound just like the upper echelon of your party. You say you were a Republican for years. If this were true you would be celebrating this President and his defense of the Constitution, our rights and our way of life. You would stand with him against open borders and infanticide. You would be applauding the lower taxes and low unemployment rate.

President Trump was acquitted because there were no crimes committed by him. The crimes committed were the blatant lies told by the other side. Speaking of which, in your rambling of last week you said you were a Viet Nam vet and had graduated from Mineral County High School in 1984. Which was it Mr. Twilling? I don’t know where you came from or whose schil or puppet you are, but we are not buying the trash talk so take it somewhere else, like maybe Vegas.

Kathy Castagnola