20 Years Ago – This Was Nevada- It’s All In The Way You Look At It! Bodie, Calif. a fabulous gold town which flourished during the latter part of the nineteenth century was entitled to a share in history. Millions of dollars of gold were taken out of the ground here in the early days. And according to the old timers, millions more in ore gold are still there, ripe for the taking, provided the workings could be kept free of water.

10 Years Ago

  • K9 “Bosco” assists JPO in Finding Run Away- This week ten years ago, “Bosco”, a 3-year-old Belgian Malinois K9 belonging to Lon and Katrina Bartoli of NV K9, located in Hawthorne, was called to assist Mineral County Juvenile Probation Office with locating a runaway detainee. Upon arrival, a short briefing with handlers and JPO staff occurred. After obtaining the missing subject’s scent form her bedding, Bosco subsequently located the runner’s discarded jumpsuit hidden outside and followed her scent into the neighborhood where it is surmised that she hid for a short time. The subject was apprehended a short time later in town.
  • H1N1 Vaccine- Mineral County Community Health Nurse and Public Preparedness held an H1N1 clinic at the Hawthorne Primary School. This clinic was open to the public who wished to receive the H1N1 (swine flu) vaccination without charge. The State of Nevada Public Health Preparedness personal were there to oversee the clinic. Many local residents, adults as well as children, took advantage of this clinic.

20 Years Ago

  • Nativity Scene Thefts- “Is Jesus Missing In Your Life” is the sign that was placed in the cradle that once held the “Baby Jesus” in the nativity scene at the Mitch and Lorcie Ferguson’s home. The sheriff’s office has received several reports from residents of some person or persons stealing the Baby Jesus out of the nativity scenes on their private property. The sheriff’s department investigated the thefts. The thefts occurred all over town and anyone knowing about the disappearance of these “Baby Jesus” figures was asked to notify the department. It was a tragic loss to those who had had their Baby Jesus stolen.

30 Years Ago

  • Portable Medical Computer Used at Mt. Grant Hospital- A Portable computer system that gives local health professionals access to information at the National Library of Medicine is now in place at Mt. Grant General Hospital. The system, one of the services offered by the Learning Resource Center of the Northeastern Nevada Area Health Education Center based in Elko, gives physicians, nurses and other health care provider’s access to more than professional journals. The system was to remain in Hawthorne until the end of a two month time period, when it would move onto Caliente. The system was put in place to help health care professionals in the rural areas, to obtain fast access to a wide range of recent medical information.
  • Zoning Plan Approved For Walker Lake- Following a public hearing at the Walker Lake community building, another public hearing before the regional planning commission and a third public hearing before the board of county commissioners, zoning for the community of Walker Lake was approved.

40 Years Ago

  • Where in the Heck is Candelaria? – Although more than 100 years old and definitely in the “ghost town” classification, the old camp of Candelaria has been granted a new lease on life as a result of the decision of Candelaria Partners to proceed with an expansive mining operation in an effort to mine ore bodies that were not profitable to work in former years. While the town itself was not “re-inhabited” as it was several boom periods. There would be many workmen in the area by day, and living in Mina and Hawthorne by night. The operation was generally referred to locally as the Oxy project because Occidental Minerals was a major partner in the Candelaria Partners arrangement.
  • Missing Landmark no Longer Missing- After “disappearing” from its time-honored location in the 900 block of E Street, the “Mystery Pyramid” reappeared in front of the Mineral County Museum, corner of Tenth and D Streets. Although it couldn’t be verified that the monument marked a meeting point of the Fremont and Walker exploration parties in the 19th century, the “landmark” nevertheless was used for years as a welcome sign to visitors to Hawthorne.

50 Years Ago

  • First a Friend…Then a Host- Make it easy for your guests to have a good time and enjoy themselves as well as making sure they arrive back home safely by following these suggestions. First, don’t force drinks on guests who will be driving. Second, have a good selection ofnon-alcoholic beverages or low-alcohol mixtures available. Third, begin pushing food and de-emphasizing drinks well before the end of the party. Lastly, tactfully encourage guests who may have overimbibed to sober up before leaving.
  • The El Capitan Club had chicken and dumplings for only $1.50 a plate, every Wednesday.

60 Years Ago

  • U.S. Sponsored Science Library at Mineral County High- Science education was given an emphasis during this current year at Mineral County High School. The application for participation the Traveling High School Science Library Program was accepted by the American Association for the Advancement of Science. A set of 200 outstanding, evaluated, up-to-date books in sciences and mathematics circulated to the Mineral County High School library from Washington, D.C. All branches of science were covered and the reading level ranged from books brilliant high school students would find interesting to some that gave the outstanding senior a taste of advanced work. The collection was valued at more than $1,000.
  • Be Sure Toys Are Safe- Adults should insist that all toys be safe- not likely to cause fire, shocks or explosions. Good judgment is essential in purchasing chemical sets for children. Toys requiring alcohol, kerosene, gasoline or carbide lamps may have been hazardous in young hands. On heat producing toys, the UL label was especially important.

70 Years Ago

  • Polio Weapon- Held in the palm of a man’s hand is the “baby lung”, one of the weapons against infantile paralysis, developed by the Army, Air Force. Donations made by American’s during the 1950 March of Dimes will purchase many of these and other such poliofighting equipment. This year’s drive was vital because of funds used in the 1949’s record epidemic.
  • Birth Rate Constant in This CountyDuring the first nine months of 1949 there were 167 births recorded in Mineral County, one less than the same period of 1948. Deaths in the county during the same period numbered 59 while 41 were recorded during the same period in 1948. Only Washoe, Clark, White Pine and Elko counties exceeded Mineral in total number of births during the year. These same counties, together with Humboldt, had more deaths recorded than the total in this county.

80 Years Ago

  • Copper Tariff to be Retained – Copper producing states in the west rejoiced last week with the announcement that the state department had decided that in the proposed trade treaty with Chile there would be no concession on import taxes on Chilean copper, this breaking all precedents in trade treaty negotiations. The action came after many objections were filed with the government against lowering of the tariff barrier on copper, which would be detrimental to the copper industry in this nation.
  • Uncle Sam Wants More Flying Cadets- Uncle Sam wanted more flying cadets to enter training in early 1940, according to the sergeant in charge of recruiting in Reno. In a radiogram from the War Department in Washington, information had been received that approximately four hundred qualified applicants for flying cadet appointments were needed for each of the next three classes held. This would be the best opportunity offered in the past several years for early appointment of qualified applicants as flying cadets in the Army Air Corps.

90 Years Ago

  • Mina Garage had genuine new 13-plate for batteries for $9.