Dear Editor,

I moved back to Hawthorne knowing what I was in for and I do have some problems. The median family income in Hawthorne is 20-30 thousand below the rest of the state. We feed a lot of people well that are hungry in town but we lack in some other areas.

#1 Gas in Hawthorne is about $3.55 a gallon and as I went through Fernley yesterday I paid $2.73 a gallon. My father owned a gas station for over 40 years and this .81 cent difference is not due to shipping cost, it is as I believe due to greed of the station owners. The people need real help here.

#2. We have a nice sign inviting people downtown but basically there is very little to see and they do feel they wasted their time cruising downtown.

#3. A lot of big fires in California last year and a large percentage of the people affected were retired seniors who wanted out of the burn areas and Hawthorne would have been a good choice to move to but they didn’t know. Nobody told them? Will Hawthorne ever grow again or will the leaders and people just be happy as is?

Bud Twilling 
1st came to Hawthorne in 1965