Let me start this by saying this is not a “bucket list” piece. This is not a list of things I plan to do in any shape or form. My bucket list changes daily in step with my pocketbook and my fearless meter. No today it hit me that there are things that I have not done and I probably have no intention of doing at this stage of life. Oh not that I couldn’t do some of them. I’ve just come to terms with knowing my limitations and for the most part staying within those boundaries. For the most part.

First one is that I have never climbed a tree. I was sitting at my dining room table a few days ago watching winter happening outside. The best place in my opinion to watch winter is from inside. As I sat there a cat ran by the window and scurried up a Russian olive tree in my front yard. She did it with such ease and finesse. If I were to be jealous of something it might be the way that cat took that tree. I watched and she just kept going up. Like wings were on her feet.  Then another cat followed and they skittered about the winter branches without fear. I then looked at a branch that broke in the spring which I have tugged on all year and it still holds on by a few strands of bark. Maybe next spring I will climb that tree and cut those strands. Or not.

Water skiing has been offered to me a time or two. I passed. Watching someone learning to water ski is like what I imagine a Gnome that sits right next to a sprinkler goes through. Water up your nose over and over again. Then when you finally do get to the upright position? Then what? There is the wipeout in the middle of the lake or you might be lucky enough to be flung back to the shore where I know I would skitter until rocks came up out of the water to meet my face.  (Hey I used the word skitter twice. Going for three. HAHA)

I have raced cars, driven in a demolition derby, done donuts with a car in places and at times that donuts usually are not done, participated in Chinese Fire Drills at stop lights. But! Yes a motorized “but.” But I have never driven a car on two wheels. Wait… No I’m right that time didn’t count, it was the back wheels. HAHA I mean two wheels on the left or right side. I have seen it done and it looks kinda cool and scary. I wonder if it is much different if it is on the left or right wheels. One side you would be up in the air and the other you would be really, really close to the asphalt. I would choose the higher side of the drive. Like driving up in the mountains. I like to be on the side of the car closest to the cliff side. More exciting. However, driving on two wheels I think would be best left to those who know all the physics of the stunt.

Last and this one just came up recently in a conversation with a friend. I will never do a cartwheel. A cartwheel sounds like such an easy thing to just do. Why won’t I do one? Well in years past there have been times I could have tried one. I could have run across the lawn and tossed my hands down to the ground and thrown my legs over the top and landed with grace and finesse and risen up with hands in the air victorious. I might have done that except I know that at the exact moment my hands met the ground my arms would have collapsed sending my nose to the ground and it would be filled with dirt as much as I know that same nose would be filled with aforementioned water if I had tried waterskiing. So my feet are what touches the ground for me, not my hands.

It seems that we always need to have things in our lives which we feel there is still a chance we will “get ‘er done.” AKA bucket list. There are also things that we know we will never do. That doesn’t mean I will ever give up on the thought of doing those things that I have never done. It just means that as I will watch someone skitter (Hey number3!) around doing those things, inside I’m hollering, “Hurray for you.”

Trina lives in Eureka, Nevada. Find her on Facebook, Instagram or at itybytrina@yaho.com Really!