30 Years Ago – In a letter to the board of county commissioners, Richard J. Hegg of Luning expressed his opposition to being annexed into the federal town site. Hegg’s letter was read by County Clerk Martha Barlow at the board meeting.

10 Years Ago

  • The buses of the Tea Party Express’s second U.S. tour, “Countdown to Judgment Day” made its “Whistle Stop” in Hawthorne. Planned a short stop to say “hello”, organizers changed the plan to an “abbreviated program” giving the nearly 100 people who attended a little taste of the message they want sent to Congress in 2010.
  • Several local youths, who were under the supervision of the Mineral County Juvenile Probation Office, found a good way to perform their assigned community hours by working together with adult supervision and went to the nearby hills west of Hawthorne and picked up the trash that had been left by individuals of groups who had visited or had parties in the areas.

20 Years Ago

  • The 3A Division II Volleyball Tournament was to be held in Hawthorne at the high school gym.
  • Students of the Hawthorne Primary, Elementary and Junior High Schools were given two assemblies which contained valuable information about young people drinking and the problems that face both young and older people with drinking and driving.

30 Years Ago

  • Mineral County Officials were served with a summons to respond to a complaint filed by Starla W. Warner who seeks in excess of $10,000 for damages which she alleged resulted from the action of the employees in the sheriff’s department.
  • The Hawthorne ambulance crew made seven runs during the week, one airport transport, one to Bishop, one to Reno and four local.

40 Years Ago

  • There was a slight delay in traffic movement on the friendly Southern Pacific line north of Thorne when several cars were derailed and some overturned. The freight train was northbound at the time of the accident.
  • Rocket firing was to be conducted at Walker Lake’s controlled firing area. All rockets were equipped with inert payload ejection warheads and none of the units were expected to impact in the lake. The public was advised to stay clear of the south end of Walker Lake during the firings.

50 Years Ago

  • A devastating fire which broke out shortly after five p.m., Saturday evening virtually completely destroyed the building which housed the Western Auto Store and Clarks Liquor Store at the corner of Sierra Way and Seventh Street in Hawthorne. Damage to building and contents was estimated to run from $80,000 to $100,000.
  • A reward of $250 was being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of any person or persons involved in starting of unauthorized fires in the town of Hawthorne or any other area in Mineral County, Fire Chief Gary Barton stated. Confronted with a series of fires in the previous two weeks, most of the originating in alleys, local volunteer firemen and professional fire fighters from other parts of the start who had assisted in investigating the fires, had expressed the opinion most of the fires had been deliberately set.

60 Years Ago

  • After 13 days of intensive rescue operations, efforts to reach miners trapped in the Mohawk mine near Silver Peak were abandoned. The three men, James Roberston of Mina, Sam Sickels of Tonopah and Bill Delorme of Redding, Calif., were trapped by a cave-in on the morning of Oct. 16, and all hope of finding them alive under the tons of rock had been given up. Decision to abandon the rescue effort was announced “with reluctance” by State Mine Inspector Mervin Gallagher, who had been at the scene since the day of the tragedy.
  • A 2 lb. can of coffee was $1.39 and slab bacon was 39 cents a pound.

70 Years Ago

  • Nevada mine and mill statistics as of Nov. 1, 1949, showed that Mineral County had 63 men employed in nine mining operations which were active on that date.
  • Of a total enrollment of 1,776 students at the University of Nevada the current semester, 1,254 had come from the 17 counties in Nevada, it was announced. Mineral County was represented by 22 students at the state’s only university.
  • No men were being employed at the White Eagle Mine and none would be hired during the winter, it was stated in Hawthorne by a representative of the mining company, who urged all local men not to make a needless trip to the mine in search of employment. The White Eagle Mine was located beyond Fletcher, near Wiley Meadows in the vicinity of the old camp of Masonic where there had been some mining activity in those recent months. The company representative said that no less than six Hawthorne men had made the difficult trip to the mine seeking jobs, and said that they had been advised by someone that men were being employed at the mine.

80 Years Ago

  • More than a hundred persons from the towns of Hawthorne and Mina were in attendance at the Ladies Night program staged by the Mineral County Lions Club in Mina.
  • Mineral county officers were continuing their search for the person or persons who stole fifteen spans of wire from the Mineral County Power System transmission line west of Mina about ten days prior, it was stated by Sheriff Loyd Wilson who had spent the day before in Mina and vicinity on the case.
  • Two earth shocks were reportedly felt by a number of Mina residents and likewise several persons in Hawthorne reported feeling at least one tremor.

90 Years Ago

  • Within 10 days the altered and improved “dry land dredge” of the Clinton-West Mining Company at Bodie would be in operation again, E. J. Clinton reported in Reno. The plant was installed to treat the old standard dumps and the surface debris eroded from the apex of the numerous veins, the wealth of which caused the fame of the camp in by-gone days.
  • Commenting upon the Cosgrove strike made near Hawthorne and its importance to Hawthorne and Mineral County, State Senator John H. Miller recalled that within a few miles from the workings there was developed one of the richest silver producing mines in the country