The Walker Basin Conservancy pitched the idea of a non-motorized trail from Monument Beach to Sportman’s Beach

Jeff Bryant with the Walker Basin Conservancy met with the commissioners during their first meeting of October to discuss the possibility of making a non-motorized trail from Monument Beach to Sportman’s Beach (two miles away.)

“I kicked the can around with Darren Hamrey,” Bryant said when discussing ideas of what project would be implemented.

The trail would be on the eastern side of the highway between the highway and lake. Bryant also explained that with the conservancy wanting to get the lake to a higher level, that the trail will be put in at a safe height of 15-20 feet about the restoration height.

“What we are looking for from the commission is a letter of support that we can submit with the application, we will get one from the Mineral County Sportsman’s group as well. They have offered to help us out with the match for the planning grant,” Bryant explained.

“So the Mineral County Sportsman’s Club is 100 percent behind it [the project],” Sportman’s club member Rob Mathias explained to the commissioners.

Commissioner Christine Hoferer made a motion that the commissioner send a letter of support for the Walker Basin Conservancy project that will be done around the cliffs.

In the letter from the commissioners, it stated, “We are excited to have this project move forward and think it will be a wonderful addition to our lake.”

The Walker Basin Conservancy will be back in Hawthorne in December to discuss Walker Lake, including water levels and this project.