Dear Editor,

Last Thursday, Oct. 17, several pilots stopped for fuel in Hawthorne on their way to the High Sierra Fly In and STOL Drag at Dead Cow Lake in Northern Nevada that was held Oct. 17 – 20.

After one pilot left heading north, I got a call from Rick Sylvestri who is a pilot and works at the base. He told me that a Cessna 182 had just flown over him and it was leaking fuel from the right wing tank and would I be able to call and notify him?

I went to the office UNICOM radio and called and was able to let the pilot know the problem and he returned to the airport to get more fuel and secure the gas cap that fortunately was on a chain so it had not been lost. He said in that short time of leaving the airport he had lost half a tank of fuel.

We called Rick back and the pilot was able to personally thank Rick for being so observant, reporting it and preventing a potentially very bad situation for them.

If you are interested in the High Sierra Fly In and STOL drag (Short Take Off Landing) you can Google that and several Websites will be listed. Unfortunately, the big red Draco plane pictured won’t be there this year because he crashed leaving Reno after the Reno Air Races and no one but the aircraft was hurt.

Betty Easley