Mineral County Board of County Commissioner highlights for Aug. 7

Safety Message

Emergency Manager Patrick Hughes gave the safety message regarding situational awareness.

Public Comment

Patsy Dodson gave public comment regarding the senior center. Cherrie George informed the commissioners about the care and share transportation grant.

Accounts Payable

Deputy Recorder-Auditor Teresa McNally presented the commissioners with vouchers. There was a capital outlay voucher presented for a new car for the sheriff’s office. It was approved in February. Two credit card charges were approved. One for the information technology department and the other for the fire department.

Ordinance 251A

The commissioners held a public hearing at 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. for consideration and possible action relative to adoption of Ordinance 251A Bill 267, an ordinance amending Mineral County Code Chapter 5.20 – solicitors, peddlers and traveling merchants to amend general business regulations within Mineral County. Ordinance 251A passed.


The minutes for July 17 were not acted upon.

Business License

The following business licenses were approved: Luning Trading Post (Marcia Margrave); 10-32 Tactical LLC (Johnny Bateman) and Outback Creations (Teresa Farley). A provisional approval of the Luning Trading Post was given with recommendations from building inspector, fire chief and utilities department. Commissioner Christine Hoferer asked the sheriff’s office to provide the documentation of ATF approval for 10-32 Tactical LLC. This information will be added to their business license jacket.

Liquor License

The commissioner suspended the board of commissioner meeting and went into the Mineral County Liquor Board. The following liquor license was approved: Mineral County Sportsman’s Club (Rob Mathias). This was a forgiveness permit for a previous event. The board reconvened back into the board of county commissioners.

Landfill Permit

Larry Grant, director of Hawthorne Utilities asked for the board’s signature on Hawthorne Landfill Patent of Permit N-05585 01 per the Bureau of Land Management’s request that Mineral County move forward in obtaining the patent for this landfill by April 8, 2021. Ana Fitzgerald, office manager of Hawthorne Utilities told the commissioners this is the first step in patenting the landfill. The commissioners made a motion to sign the document.

Security Cameras

Franklin Wilkerson met with the commissioners for consideration and possible action relative to approval of a single source contract of more than $25,000 from the Mineral County Commissioners. The Eleventh Judicial Court has obtained approval for a grant through the Office of Criminal Justice Assistance to install security cameras in the Mineral County Courthouse. Wilkerson stated that he will be following the sole source policy for Mineral County. He explained that there had been an informal bid process already done. CCC Communications and RFI both responded. Commissioner approved the Eleventh District to move forward with filing the correct paperwork needed to complete this grant.

County Road Use

Glenn Bunch asked the commissioners to use the county road for Modesto Ridge Runners High Desert Rally held on Aug. 10. Item approved.

Motorhead Event

Sheri Samson asked for support and use of the care and share van as a shuttle at the Sept. 14 Mineral County Motorhead’s Shop, Swap and Show. Our local museums will then be visited by hundreds of tourists attending the event, held at the entire El Capitan truck lot on 5th Street and be shuttled over there from 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. only. Wanda Millsap and Kelly Zuniga are anxious to see the visitors flow in and be included in the day’s event, stated Samson’s agenda request. Samson explained that Mineral County Economic Development Authority is the umbrella of this event. She explained who will be in attendance showing cars as well as a job fair with Ledcor and Gold Resources Corporation at the event. Samson explained that this event is to help Boys and Girls Club. No decision was made.

8-Point Mobile Home System

Samson discussed with the commissioners about the consideration and possible action relative to the Walker Lake Advisory Board and residents seeking approval for the 8-point mobile home system for conversion to real property. Samson explained that older residents had been advised using the stem wall system and during an earthquake the trailer could move off the stem wall. She stated at this is advice from the Walker Lake Advisory Board. District Attorney Sean Rowe said this could be set by ordinance or formal resolution. Hoferer stated she is not ready to make a decision and would like to do some more research.

Closed Session

The commissioners met in closed session pursuant to NRS 288.220 to discuss/ review all labor/bargaining unit contracts, grievances and negotiations.

Open Session

The commissioners came back into open session. Nothing to report.

Ordinance 252A

The commissioners met for consideration and possible action relative to adoption of Ordinance 252A Bill 268, an ordinance amending Mineral County Code Chapter 17.46 advertising displays to prohibit issuance of a special use permit for the construction of new advertising displays within the Township of Walker Lake. Two public hearings were held for this ordinance. A resident asked about the lighting of grandfathered in billboards at the lake. These lights are disrupting people’s sleep, etc. Commissioner Chris Hegg read the ordinance by title. A motion to adopt Ordinance 252A was made by Hoferer and seconded by Hegg. Motion passed.

Commissioner Recognition

Hoferer said the commissioner’s prayers are with Ohio and New Mexico.